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Death Strike missles

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They just seem so fun. But what I was wondering is there a way to make them viable?
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See, I really like the Death Strike Missiles. I've never used them, but that's because I'm working on a conversion for one. They are useful as a scare tactic. Most opponents never see one, so when you do bring it and tell them what it does it scares the piss outta them. They freak out and dump units to try and kill it, forgetting about your Platoons, Chimeltas and everything else. So, even if it doesn't go off you've screwed their battle plan so hard that it was worth it. And if it does go off, you hopefully kill a living crap load of them!
Camo netting and a meat shield maybe?
maybe A heavy flamer?
This amused ==Me==

CCS-3 meltas, Chimera
2x Vets-3 meltas, Chimera
3x infantry-autocannon
2x 10 SoB, 2 meltas, Vet w/ Book
3x Vendettas w/ heavy bolters
3 Deathstrikes

Around 2000 points. You run up and pull bad guys out of their transports. Sisters hold them at midfield until the ICBMs start flying.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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