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Hello All. So i am looking to build a Deathwatch Army but i was wondering a few things about Killteams and Formations.

1. If a Veteran Unit is Joined by a Terminator does he A) Keep Relentless B) Confer Relentless C) Lose Relentless

Same sort of Question

2. Does a Vanguard Marine confer Heroic Intervention to his unit
3. I think i am correct that a single Biker SM gives Split fire to his squad but does it have to be the Bike that split fires or could a Frag cannon change target.

After those Questions.

Finally i keep reading this trying to understand if this is correct but. Can Veterans choose to take both a Bolter and the Space Marine Shotgun?
Or could take Combi-bolter + Shotgun.
Closecombat weapons->Bolter or Combi-bolter
Bolter->Deathwatch Shotgun

Not a question but also was looking for some insight :
What stops me from running 5 man units with 4 frag cannons in a Drop Pod x3 or am i reading that incorrectly because that seems kind of insane.

Thanks in advance!

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Hiya. I'm still learning how to play deathwatch after making them my main army and have done a fair few readings/debates/research with fellow players and the web to clarify as much as possible the rules as the current codex really doesn't explain too well how all the different units combine mix etc and the weapon listings. I'll attempt to answer your questions you have from what i've been able to come up with.

To your first question . how it works is that any unit that joins a squad confers the rules and abilities that they have. For example if the terminator joins the squad the whole squad gains fearless and relentless whilst he is alive Likewise for the Vanguard Vets.

With the bikers the squad does gain spilt fire rule and the rule only says that a unit that has at least one model can shoot one model from the unit, not the model with the rule so i play it off that unless otherwise stated and/or changed. So yeah the frag cannon could shoot two rounds of **** you to that squad of orks getting too close while your squad shoots another unit.

As for the weapon listings no you cannot take both a bolter/boltgun and a shot gun at the same time. However you can still indeed choose the close combat weapon and shotgun/Bolter/Combi bolter. It should be noted for added fun times you can in fact choose a close quarter weapon for a model with a heavy weapon, Eg: Infernus Heavy Cannon and say a power sword etc. Also (and this is a favorite combo of mine) You can have a unit with Both a Storm Shield AND a Heavy Thunder Hammer. This gets even more fun if you make that model a Black Shield.

As for your absolute death ball idea um... No there is nothing to suggest that you cannot do this, up to 4 models can have heavy weapons so thats legal. I guess the only thing might be from having a limit of Dedicated Transports? Not really sure with the Dedicated trans/Transport rules as i haven't used them enough.

Happy Xeno purging! Hope the late reply helps
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