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Right well I have just started work on my latest project and entire Deathwatch Army,
The fluff behind the army is that there was a large Ork fleet detected making its way towards rynns world,
Pedro Kantor immediately started to gather the remaining crimson fists but was well aware of the fact they no longer had the numbers to adequately defend this precious
symbol to the crimson fists.
So Kantor petitioned the Imperium for any aid they could provide inorder to eliminate this threat,
Luckily for Kantor it was in fact the Deathwatch that decided to answer his call, and shortly after a full company of deathwatch was at his disposal.
Normally the deathwatch would only answer to an Inquisitor or a member of the Deathwatch, but they recognised Pedro's exceptional skills in combating the Orks and agreed to following his command and further more inducted him into the deathwatch, Although he would only remain a member for this single campaign.

So basically thats the story behind my army, I thought it would be cool to try out and In my army I have

Pedro Cantor - Crimson Fists
Master Of The Forge - Imperial Fists
9xScouts - Ultramarines
Telion - Ultramarines
5xScouts - Black Templars
10x Sternguard - Crimson Fists
10x Sternguard - Imperial Fists
10x Assualt Terminators - 50/50 Black Templars & Imperial Fists
Heavy Support
Dreadnought - Close Combat Arm & Plasma Cannon
Dreadnought - TL Lascannon & Missile launcher
Predator - Autocannon and Heavy Bolter Sponsons.
here is the link to My flickr pool where i have made a start to my models, still need ideas for the bases

Flickr: Bdoydie's Photostream

All ideas welcome and let me know what you think
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