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Deathwatch Lightening Claws

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Not the best photo, but gets the point across. I wanted to go with the idea that the Death Watch got the best/ Lightest/ Fastest gear. So I wanted smaller claws for them. This was also done in part because at the time there really were no good PA Marine lightening claws out there.

Quick n easy. Not 100% satisfied with how they look, but most folks seem to like them.
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I like the look of these claws, they would look even better on chaos though.
I might just nick the idea. Thanks in advance;)
The models are nice and the positioning looks mighty living.
Necron Flayed Ones huh ?
Nice Idea...but as Andusciassus said it would have looked even better on ChaosMarines.
But still it looks intresting on your Deathwatch Marines.
There good.. i might have to use them aswell :D!
The claws look pretty cool.
On I side note, I thought that the DW kept their original Chapter shoulder pad on the Right instead of painting it black too.
Yup, just some of the hands from the Flayed ones. Quite quick and easy. The conly catch it that they are a little fragile since you can't really pin them.

Though the models were not out when I originally did this, an alternate might be teh claws from the Raptor Sgt.
Personaly I would have cut off the claws from those arms and then cut off the hands on the marines original amrs and then attached them. But this looks ok.
Stormie.. they could be raven guard or some other black chapter :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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