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Deep Strike

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I dont got the book on me so I need a quick answer. When a unit deep strikes
(preferable uses Veil of Darkness for necrons) can it only fire as if it had moved
normally. Thanks for any comments.
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THe answer is on page 84 of the rule book, at the bottom of the section on deep striking.

But in case you don't have a rule book for soem reason the simple answer is yes, they count as having moved for firing purposes.
And they get no assault move.
k thanks, its cause I dont have the up to date rules that I wondered if they changed.
If you mean that you do not have the 4th Edition rulebook then I must bluntly say: don't ask for rules here; buy the rulebook.
Buy a Maccrage set. You get a rulebook without the fluff and some minis all for approximately the same price.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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