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Just a little thing that i'm not to sure of so i thought i woud ask the experts,

Now if you use the DoE's special attacks, and say your in base contact with 3 other models, does this mean;
a) the 3 specific models in contact are each automaticaly hit twice, or
b) because in contact with 3 models each hit twice, there will be 6 Automatic hits on the opposing unit.

Thanks fr any helkp you can offer.


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That would be a)

the three models in btb are autohit.

vs RnF its only 3 kills ( 3 models w/ 1 wound each) but they still get auto-hit twice. (2 armor saves at -4 / 2 ward saves) extra wounds don't carry over.

but you're only targeting the three models, not the unit as a whole, so extra wounds are lost.

If a character or other multi-wound creature are in btb thats 2 wounds per model in btb.

So if a hero (2 wounds usually) and 2 RnF are in BTB then that's 6 auto-hits,
2 hit hero, 2 hit each of the 2 RnF total of 6. extra wounds on RnF are lost, for a grand total of 4 wounds/ 3 kills max

Important part. don't forget DoE has killing blow.
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