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Here's my first attempt at an Admech story, I've kinda rushed it but hopefully it's ok.

As the sun pierced the heavy cloud cover, the sector began its daylight activities. The sector nightclubs closed their doors as the bars and shops opened theirs.

“Hey Toral, did you hear about the stranger in red?” The regular sat down at the bar and gestured to his usual drink

Toral nodded quietly as he poured the beer into a tall glass. “Yeah I’ve heard.” He stroked his chin in a thoughtful fashion. “Does anyone know were he came from?”

The man at the bar shook his head slowly, “Nope, don’t think so. Haven’t seen him myself but I’ve heard he’s a weird sorta character. They’re the ones to watch mind.” The man nodded as if agreeing with his own wisdom.

Soon another man entered the bar and sat at the bar. “The usual Toral.”

“Coming up Edi.” Toral grabbed a tall glass in one hand and worked the tap with the other while listening into the conversation.

Edi leaned in over the bar so both men could hear him whisper. “Did you here about Charlie?”

The other man looked puzzled for a moment. “What, the drunk near the bank?”

Edi gave the man a quick look of annoyance at being interrupted. He continued, “Rumour says he’s disappeared.”

Toral stood upright for a moment, absent-mindedly passing Edi his drink. “Gone? Aye, right enough, he wasn’t there when I passed by last night.”

“Yeah and on the same night that stranger appears, coincidence?” Edi looked at both men, reading their faces; both were deep in thought.

Tolanus looked up from the screens in front of him; they were currently displaying the life signs of the half-naked man lying unconscious on the table beside him. The man smelt badly of alcohol, but that didn’t matter, Tolanus had a plan for the drunk.

He begun by making outlines on the man’s chest with a marker, then by tracing them with a laser cutter. He reached behind him where his tools and parts were laid out and begun his work. He removed the heart and replaced it with a power generator, slowly he began removing unnecessary organs and replacing then with mechanical systems.

When he had finished, Tolanus placed a roughly cut sheet of adamantium over the hole in the drunk’s chest. He steadied a large gun shaped device over the edge of the sheet; there was a loud ‘thud’ and a small hiss as the device forcefully drove the nails through the adamantium and into the man’s ribcage.

He repeated the process 11 more times. He checked the life signs before continuing with the process; trickles of blood ran down the man’s sides from the wounds the nails had caused.

Tolanus picked up the marker again and drew round a section of the man’s head, then he switched on the laser cutter and followed the outline, removing the section of skull when he was finished.

For several hours, Tolanus augmented the drunk with whatever technology was to hand. The ship smelt of engine oil and incense fumes. The hooded form of the Tech-Priest stood beside the table as he held out the symbol of the Machine. “Binded by steal, by Thy Sovereign grandeur of the energies unseen, and by the Ineffable and Eternal Glory of the machine. Obey ye, Obey ye and behold the Symbols and Names of the Creator.” Tolanus held the Symbol of the Machine over the cyborg in a dramatic fashion.

Tolanus then spread blessed oils over the machine as he uttered the Benediction against Failure. He began to get impatient as he neared the end of his rituals, with barely contained anticipation; Tolanus spoke the last rite. “I convert this instrument of art, to breathe in half-life, to convulse in sonic wave. That which thou desires is accomplished, be thy will performed, and all mine demands fulfilled. Grant that unto succour, favour and unison, by the Invocation of thy Holy Name, so that these things may serve us for aid in all that we wish to perform therewith.” He hit the activation rune on the control panel and prayed.

Huge currents of electricity charged through the power cables that trailed across the floor, the air smelt of ozone as great arcs jumped between capacitors. Soon the cyborg’s bionic eye glowed brightly; signifying the system was functioning. It sat up in a quick, sharp motion, then turned to bring its feet into contact with the floor before standing up.

+++Running diagnostic systems: Primary systems: 100%. Secondary systems: 100%. All systems nominal+++
+++Searching for operational directives…None found+++

Tolanus grinned behind his mass of bionics and began uploading data into the cyborg’s memory.

The incident of Charlie’s disappearance passed into urban myth in a relatively short time as more people went missing with no trace. While some accepted it as sector life others were determined to find out the reason.

Chief Arbites Gerrard looked at his desk, and the pile of papers threatening to topple over. They were reports of disappearances; all of them concerned drunks, homeless or drug dealers. That wasn’t what worried Gerrard, it was the way they were disappearing. Most of the reports had eyewitness statements attached and all the statements said more or less the same thing. The eyewitnesses reported seeing Charlie attacking the victims. Gerrard read the report on the top of the pile again.

“Cyborg?” He looked at the wall as if it would solve the puzzle for him. “Sergeant, what do we know happened that night Charlie disappeared?”

The sergeant rummaged through some papers on his desk and started reading a few. “ Charlie disappears without a trace, a stranger in red robes is reported stealing technology from around the sector and…” He hesitated as he read on, “Just more reports of the stranger in red.”

Gerrard rubbed his eyes; something strange was going on.

“Sir, another of our dealers has disappeared.” The man stood nervously in front of Uzantos. The drug lord was well known for his temper, and the man had an overwhelming feeling he would be given a demonstration.

“Who was it?” Uzantos’ glared at his subordinate; the man began to sweat.


“Do we know who did it?” Uzantos was now staring blankly at the wall in front of him, deep in thought.

“No we don’t but there are rumours of a stranger in red being responsible.”

Uzantos shifted his gaze back to the nervous man, “Find this stranger, and KILL him!”

Tolanus looked at the ten cyborgs standing in front of him and smiled. Finally he was ready; he loaded his bolt pistol and opened the ship’s hatch. He turned round to look in the cyborgs’ direction once again. “Dues ex accedo est!”

The cyborgs began to walk in complete synchronisation towards the hatch. Tolanus grinned as he walked down the hatch and along the streets followed closely by the cyborgs, which walked in five rows of two.

In the streets people hurriedly moved aside as the red stranger walked along the busy street. No one dared challenge him; they had all heard the rumours about him and his army of machines. Now there was physical proof heading towards the drug lord’s section.

Chief Arbites Gerrard was swamped with reports and calls from half the sector.

“Sergeant what the freth’s going on?” He shouted across the room as a woman screamed down the phone at him.

The sergeant shrugged his shoulders as he tried to write down details of the sightings.

“Sir! The stranger in red is on the move, people are reporting him all over the 3rd section.”

Uzantos remained silent for a moment, “Which way is he heading?”

The man cleared his throat nervously before replying. “Here.”

The drug lord looked at the man beside him with a slightly worried expression. “Find him and kill him before he gets here!”

The man bowed and ran out of the room.

The barrier dividing the sections exploded in a cloud of smoke and shrapnel. The cyborgs stepped through the gapping hole and stood silently, five on each side. Tolanus stepped through and looked around the section. The information he was looking for was here, he just needed to find it.

He began walking along the battered pavement; suddenly a shot rang out from a nearby building, and the bullet ricocheting harmlessly off Tolanus’ power field. “Dues ex certamen est!”

With a whirl of servos and a hiss of pumps the cyborgs entered combat mode, their targeting systems surveying the area for any movement. Suddenly five cyborgs spun round. Their movements almost too quick for the eye to see, their weapons were trained on the 3rd floor of the building across the street. Without warning they opened fire reducing the floor to a pile of smouldering rumble in a matter of seconds.

Tolanus watched the scene with fatherly pride. “Deus ex defendo est!”

The cyborgs moved into a defensive formation surrounding Tolanus, protecting him from more gunfire. The rest of the journey was uneventful, but as they reached the gates of Uzantos’ base, they were confronted with a large group of soldiers dressed in black.

“Halt stranger, you are not permitted to enter this base.” The leader was big and muscular; a black mask hid his face, and insignia displayed his allegiance to the drug lord.

Tolanus returned the soldier’s stare with one of his own, his bionic eye narrowing to a pinpoint focused on the leader’s forehead. “Dues ex certamen est!”

Within seconds the ten cyborgs were firing unrelenting volleys into the soldiers’ ranks, killing many before the soldiers could return fire. Laser bolts struck the cyborgs, burning flesh and scorching metal. Tolanus casually removed his bolt pistol from its holster and fired several carefully placed shots as his power field reflected the soldier’s fire.

Suddenly one of the cyborgs stopped firing and a gaping hole in its chest plate meant its fusion reactor had been hit. Tolanus sent the cyborg charging into the enemy and at the appropriate time shouted his command. “Deus ex accido est!”

A huge fireball engulfed the soldiers as they tried to escape, orange flames consumed everything in it’s path as unstable reactions multiplied out of control, Tolanus realised what was going to happen and he protected all the cyborgs he could before the blast wave hit them.

Unbearable heat washed over him as the radioactive flames spread around him, his power field barely able to keep the vengeful flames at bay. The other cyborgs ignited and the smell of burning flesh permeated every space. Tolanus made a hasty escape as the other fusion reactors added their voice to the roaring inferno.

“Sir!” The man ran into the drug lord’s room as fast as he could, “The stranger has wiped out the 3rd section.”

Uzantos glanced in the man’s direction, “All of it?”

The man nodded nervously, “He’s nearly at the gate, he has cyborgs with him.”

“Sergeant! Get us to section 3 as soon as possible!” Gerrard didn’t like to miss out on any action, and a whole section vaporised in a chemical fire counted as action.

“Sir, the Orca-copter is ready for take off.” The sergeant handed Gerrard his helmet.

“Good, lets get going before something else is destroyed.” Gerrard climbed into the Orca as the pilot lifted off and headed towards what was left of section 3.

Looking out of his window Gerrard gazed at the charred remains of sector 3, huge multi-storey buildings reduced to rubble in the blaze.

“What about Uzantos’ place?” Gerrard still looked out at the remains of the section.

“As far as we know it was undamaged.” The sergeant spoke into his mic and Gerrard nodded silently.

Gerrard spoke to the pilot through his mic, “Bring us down near Uzantos’ place.”

The pilot nodded and they began to descend.

Uzantos listened to the screams and shouts of his men; the stranger had breached the main gates and was heading towards the drug lord’s main complex. After a short time the screams stopped, everything was deathly silent. Suddenly a loud thud could be heard from the doors, the stranger was attempting to break them down. Uzantos backed away slowly as he drew his pistol.

The door soon burst open and crashed to the floor, three cyborgs stepped into the room, each one was badly burned and the smell of burnt flesh filled the room. The stranger stepped over the twisted doors and fixed the drug lord with a menacing stare. “Where is it?”

Uzantos fired two shots at the stranger, but they ricocheted off a power field. Stepping back he tried to remain calm. “Where’s what?”

The stranger approached Uzantos and grabbed him by the neck, lifting him off the floor by several inches. “My name is Arch Magos Tolanus, and if I were you I would learn to fear that name! Now where is it?” His mechanical voice taking on a threatening tone.”

Uzantos was beginning to panic “Where’s what?” he shouted at the hooded figure, who seemed to pay little attention.

Tolanus let Uzantos drop to the floor and spoke a command to his cyborgs. “Deus ex inquiro est! Sub file 499/7”

Immediately the cyborgs began searching for the information, noting any unusual sightings along the way. The Tech-Priest turned his attention back to Uzantos, “They will eventually find it, but you can end this unfortunate encounter by telling me where it is.” He pointed a pistol at the drug lord to emphasise his point.

Ok, ok. It’s in the safe…in the cellar.” Uzantos looked up at the hooded figure with a face of contempt, the red glow of the bionic eye looked back at him.

Uzantos was hauled to his feet and made to show the way, he led them down stairs and through a damp stone room to a large adamantium door.

Tolanus pointed the gun at him again, “Open it.” His mechanical voice echoed slightly in the empty room.

Uznatos keyed in the access code and the door swung open, inside was a small piece of paper held in a stasis field – an STC printout.

Tolanus gently lifted the stasis field out of the safe to examine the printout close up. “First generation!” He turned to the drug lord, who was still eyeing the gun barrel.

“Can I go now? You have what you wanted.” The drug lord’s voice betrayed a sense of fear that seemed to hang in the air.

“Yes you can go.” Tolanus levelled the pistol at Uzantos’ head and fired, as the drug lord’s body hit the ground Tolanus started making his way back to the ship.

“Nobody move!” The Arbites burst into the room to find it empty. They stood for a moment looking at the ransacked furniture; the drug lord was nowhere to be seen.

“Search this place!” Gerrard sat on a chair and thought, he had a nasty feeling that whatever caused this was long gone.

“Sir we found someone!” The sergeant ran up the stairs that led to the cellar. Gerrard hurried down after him to find the dead body of Uzantos.

“Damn it!” Gerrard kicked the body and ordered his men to withdraw

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Originally posted by Arch Magos Tolanus@Sep 18 2003, 07:50
Huge currents of electricity charged through the power cables that trailed across the floor, the air smelt of ozone as great arcs jumped between capacitors.
I liked the 40k Frankenstein theme you had going when your character was working on Charlie, very cool. The only thing I would suggest is to set the scene a bit more before beginning the story, just so we know what type of world it takes place on. But otherwise, I really enjoyed reading this. B)

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Thanks, I'll keep that point in mind for my next story.

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IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE! Wow, I’m never get drunk again! Lol yeah right! Sweet an army of cyborgs?

It’s good to see my words put to use! But I get confused from time to time as I’m not sure what’s happened when you jump scene to scene. It would be nice if there was more detail to it, but that’s just me since I like my story’s to be quiet graphic …and bloodthirsty of course! It’s nice to find a story about an Stc (very raer indeed) and its good to here some stuff on the Mechanicus. Damn I just wishe you’d killed that drug lord! I’ll put it straight I diden’t enjoy the plot, not my sort of thing, but I’m sure many others will so that’s not ment as an insult or anything. But the story was defiantly different!
Good first attempt,however it does seem that it's rushed as you said in the first place. Keep up the good work!

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Tolanus levelled the pistol at Uzantos’ head and fired, as the drug lord’s body hit the ground Tolanus started making his way back to the ship.
I did :D
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