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Okay im playing a Space Marine player and think i need help, i have never fought marinesd before. I have both lists, mine and his (below) and would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give, i also PROMISE a battle report maybe even with some pics. However it might take a while to get the battle report.

Daemonhunters (me)
Brother Captain with psycannon and psyic hood=111

1 justicar with auspex and nine grey knights=277

1 justicar with auspex and nine grey knights=277

6 stormtroopers with two plasma guns=80

Heavy Support
Dreadnought with twin linked lascannon and Missile launcher=140

Dreadnought with assault cannon and Missile launcher=120


Space Marines (his list) [copied from word]
Master of Sanctity is equipped with a Crozius Arcanum, Bolt Pistol, a Rosarius, Terminator Honours, Artificer Armour, an Auspex and a teleport homer.
He has a Command Squad made up of:
- Sergeant with Terminator Honours and a Power Weapon and a Bolt Pistol.
- 3 Marines equipped with Terminator honours, Close Combat Weapons and Bolt Pistols.
- A Marine is a company Champion equipped with a Power Weapon, Combat Shield, Bolt Pistol and Terminator Honours.
The Entire squad has Furious Charge and is mounted in a Razorback transport.
-Cost of squad 391 points.


Terminator Squad made up of:
- A Sergeant with a Power weapon and a Storm Bolter.
-2 Terminators are equipped with Assault Cannons.
2 Terminators are equipped with Chain Fists and Storm Bolters.
-The entire squad has Tank Hunter
-Cost of squad 250 points.


Tactical squad made up of:
- A Sergeant equipped with a Bolter.
- 2 Marines equipped with Bolters.
- A Marine equipped with a Plasma Gun.
- A Marine equipped with a Plasma Cannon.
-Cost of squad 105 points.

Tactical Squad made up of:
-A Sergeant equipped with a bolter.
-2 Marines equipped with bolters.
-A Marine equipped with a Plasma Gun.
-A Marine equipped with a Plasma Cannon.
-Cost of Squad 105 points.

Heavy Support

Predator Annilator armed with a Twin-Linked Lascannon, side sponsor Lascannons, Smoke Launchers and Extra Armour.
-Cost of unit 153 points.

So those are the lists, he is slightly more experienced than i am so i will need all the help i can get.
All comments are welcome!


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Move the Grey Knights to the Fast attack, and add some more ISTs. If you foot slog the ISTs you need some more numbers, so maybe 10. Also if i'm not mistaken GKs have something that keeps psykers from attacking them, so you can dicth the Psychic Hood.

Note: To get cheap ISTs get a box of Cadian Shock Troops, add a bit of wire from the gun to the backpack, and you got yourself 20 ISTs for 30 dollars cheaper. :)

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Yup, you're in trouble. My advice is to teleport attack one of the GK squads, rather than leave them out in the open to get shot up (as they die just like normal marines, at twice the cost). I'd DS them near one of his tac squads to keep that PC from firing. His list (except for the chappie and CS) is very shooty, and pretty good against PA foes. Furthermore, I'd swap out the TLLC on the one dread for another AC- it increases the likelihood of hitting more targets, and since he has taken only a pred annihilator, you need to whittle down his numbers, and the ML will pierce the armor nearly as well with krak missiles, anyway. Furthermore, that makes him decide which dread to shoot at, since neither is more of a threat than the other.

I'd get your GK in CC with the termies as soon as possible. Those AC's will be nasty if able to fire, and you will strike first in CC (with 3 attacks from the justicars' power weapons) to whittle down that expensive unit. By my (quick and dirty) math, a 10-man unit of PAGK will cause roughly 7.5 wounds per turn (with an average of 1.25 dead termies per turn), and the justicar will cause roughly 1.25 dead termies per turn, for a grand total of rougly 2.5 dead termies per turn. You will lose then roughly 4 GK on his subsequent attack (including possibly 1 at the same time from the Sgt). So you should outlast him (on average).

Just my reflexive thoughts. I'd like to see some other ideas, given the same army choices.

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I agree with most of what's been said, too add:

Drop the ML on the AC Dread. You just might get into CC with this guy. Add Smoke and EA to it.

I might take two of these in the list as well at 1000pts as the AC's do nicely against Armour too.

I would have one Fire-Support PAGK squad. Take a Justicar and 5 or 5 GKS. Add two Psycannons to it and keep them in good cover, fireing away.

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Drop the psychic hood, you don't need it. None of the units that he's taken can use psychic powers, so putting it on the BC is rather pointless.

I'd take Diggums advice on the AC dread in dropping the ML and adding smoke and armor. Actually, I'd go so far as to suggest makeing the other dread a AC + DCCW config as well. Heck, drop the ISTs and get yourself a third AC +DCCW dread. As long as you use cover to your advantage, ie forcing him to move his tank in order to hit your dreads, you'll ensure that he'll only be able to fire off one lascannon per turn.

I'd do everything I could to get into close combat as quickly as possible to protect your units from the very nasty plasma and assault cannon heat that he's packing. The only exception to this is to keep your grey knights away from his command squad and instead tear it apart with your dreads which he won't be able to touch (no hidden powerfist in that squad!).
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