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hey guys. i am planning to make a fluffy, balanced chaos daemon army for in house games,
based on the RPG Diablo II.

ill be using gamesworkshop models, with different stats and points, rules and etc, based off the game.

any input will be much appreciated!

so here it goes. my plan is...

Diablo, Lord of Terror (converted bloodthirster)


Pit Lord (Blood letters).


Vile Mother (plague bearers)


Succubus (daemonettes)

Fast attack

Claw Viper ( beast of slaneesh)
Rending attacks

Demon Imp ( flamers of tzeentch)

Heavy Support

Siege beast (blood crusher on juggernaut)

Oblivion Knight (daemon prince)

No Life King
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I appreciate the idea of making up rules to play with around home. However listing out points costs and stat-lines is generally against our policies. I know you worked to make them different than the original, however you don't need to write out a whole statline for that. For the time being I've cut out the statlines and point costs. If you would like to rework the units with their altered stats only, Say ""Oblivion Knights" as daemon prince with S5, and have eye lasers" that should be fine.

Thank you,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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