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I came back to Warhammer about 2 years ago and now play on a regular basis with orcs and gobbos one of the people i have to play is my brother who is a Dark Elf player and he has batterd me up and down the table top more times then my dignity will reveal.
other armies i play against are Chaos,undead,skaven,high elves and wood elves. I know elves are a problem for gobbos but i dont think i can handle many more slaughters at the hand of my brother, so i turn to you guys to get my pride back to look him in the face and laugh and lick his tears, need help for a 2000point list below are the models i have to use:

2xnight goblin shamans
1xorc shaman
1xorc bsb
1xorc boss on boar
1xnight gobbo boss
1xnight gobbo on squig

60xnight goblins
20xnight goblin bowmen
50xorc boyz
4xsnotling bases
10xspider riders
10xwolf riders

10xsquig hoppers
3xteams of squig herders
goblin wolf chariot
boar chariot
10xboar boyz
20xblack orcs
2xspear chukkas

2xpump wagons

Not many war machines i know but i dont have any more monies to spend
all help greatly appreciated

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One of the things i learned is that O&G can be quite fun as a point and click army. However, Orcs and goblins are not a point and click army if you want to win.
Unfortunatly having a good armylist is only a small part of actually winning with these guys. I would say you need a proper plan, AND luck of the dice are important. Not to win, but to prevent losing xD (animosity and random movements are just added chances for us to lose)

Looking at your models, id say an artillery line is out of the question, in the 'Best Rare Choice' thread, the doomdiver comes out on top, something you have none of =o
- I think 2 spear chukkas can do most of the shootin though, one in each corner, or perhaps both in 1 corner to waste enemy flanker's time
- The chariots i would add just to have units that do impact hits before the enemy gets to strike (elves and chaos all have good initiative)
- The thing im missing most is a Black Orc on foot, to prevent animosity in your important unit(s) and to act as T5 general.
- Theres no Wyvern in 'WIN', really there isnt

Orc Great Shaman, LvL 4, Waagh paint
Night Goblin Shaman, Staff of Sneaky Stealin
Night Goblin Shaman, Dispel scroll, magic mushroom
- 410
Black Orc BSB, light armour, count it as black orc and ditch him and your great shaman into the same Orc unit, so he can cast every turn. Orcs give these guys a 'Look out sir!', goblins do not.
night gobbo boss, shield, light armour, one hit wunda ( with th 50 goblins)
- 161

5 wolf riders, spear, musician
6 spider riders, champion (for going through forests) deploy 2 by three wide, to be able to march through gaps towards weak units.
- 161

20 Night goblin bowmen, Full command, 2 fanatics
50 Night goblins, Full command, netters (Night goblin boss and a goblin shaman go here.) horde formation can do, but a deep unit is better for survival
30 Orc Boyz, Shields, Full Command
- 545

20 black orcs, Full command, Waaagh! banner
boar chariot
wolf chariot
2x spear chukka
2x pump wagon
3 trolls
- 715

Theres a proper list,it has weaknesses, so to make it defeat enemies, it needs a plan, il get to plans right after ive done groceries, brb!

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i wish i had skills making pictures on interwebz =(

Hook / denied flank: Basically: have one weak flank to keep the enemy busy, while your punching units wheel into he enemy, If they destroy their flank before the enemy destroys your decoy flank, youl get to break his centre.

When you start deploying its important that the enemy is focussed on one half more than the other. You can do this by making it seem you have one important, yet weak flank.
That can be done by starting deployment with 2 spear chukkas in your left corner, the next two deployments being a pump wagon nearby the chukkas, possibly the 20 bowmen with fanatics aswell.

30 orcs, 50 goblins, the BSB, goblin shamans and gobbo boss make up the centre. The trolls are more a decoy, mostly since theyre only 3, which isnt enough to withstand a charge from most units. Those could be between the centre and the weak flank (close enough to use general's /bsb leadership.

the strong flank is made up of 20 black orcs, your chariots, at least one fast cav unit. All these units have good charge range, even the blorcs have an immense charge range with the banner. while your core slowly walks with them, wheel into the enemy army. Unless theres a unit of blood knights in his far flanks, this should be a piece of cake.

- If the enemy doesnt bring a level 4, you will utterly Dominate the magic phase, and if he does, you have plenty of counter, i think thats quite usefull in 8th.
- When you roll for spells, Your orc really wants the Waaagh spell. As soon as you roll a double spell, you get to decide which one to take, that should be nr6.
- You have 1 Waaagh! per battle. Dont forget to use it. If you have 20+ orcs in combat, you get an extra powerdice, dont forget :D
- a Great Shaman should go with either the black orcs, or with the black orc BSB's unit. If he gets stuck in animosity it will destroy the magic phase.

anyhow.. just an idea.. Welcome to Librarium :p

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I think that Mork's spirit totem is too potent to ignore, +3 dispel dice together with staff of sneaky stealin' will realy nerf your opponent magic phase.

One of the things i learned is that O&G can be quite fun as a point and click army. However, Orcs and goblins are not a point and click army if you want to win.
Unfortunatly having a good armylist is only a small part of actually winning with these guys. I would say you need a proper plan, AND luck of the dice are important. Not to win, but to prevent losing xD (animosity and random movements are just added chances for us to lose)
I realy disagree, you need realy bad luck to loose just because of animosity. Last game I failed MOST of my animosity tests and still won, and it was the worst animosity rolls I ever made (yes, wood elves are pretty weak). If I had a little better luck I could have tabled my opponent on turn 3, but nothing is perfect. Personaly I just make shure my strategy never depens too much on single animosity roll to sucseed, If you take enough units then it is likely that most of them will not fail animosity test.
Beside, no army is completely immune to bad luck. I already saw a general fleeing of the board becouse of a failed terror test, and a treeman ancient rolling realy poorly and loosing combat to a weak unit and then failing break teast fleeing and getting cought by a realy weak unit. Once when I tried playing daemons I rolled realy poorly on combat and 6,6 in my instability killed my general quickly. I have a friend who play Vampire Counts that when he was in the final of a tournament he went first and in the begining of his magic phase in his first spell with his general he rolled 1,1 and then on the miscast table another 1,1 and the game was over before it even started, and in another time his general failed a "look out sir" and died from a stone thrower shot.
Orcs&Goblins have the priviledge to bring a lot of units and spread their risk among many units, so they got animosity to balance that. If your plans assume that some animosity will happen then only a lot of bad luck will make you loose (and that is true about any army).

I sugest a different list (but not very different):

Orc great shaman level 4 + dispel scroll.
Black orc BSB + heavy armour + shield + Mork spirit totem.
Night goblin shaman level 2 + staff of sneaky stealin'.
Night goblin shaman level 2.
30 night goblins + standard + musician + fanatic
30 night goblins + standard + musician + fanatic
20 night goblins + bows + fanatic
36 orc boys + additional choppa + full comand. (BSB goes here)
20 black orcs + full comand
2 spear chukka's

Sometimes you will want to replace your giant with your 2 chariots and 5 wolf riders, becouse you will want more movement. Especialy if you think you will face a lot of shooting.

This list is built in the risk spreading method, no single unit with animosity is too important. Your general and BSB are still important, but that is true about every army. A heavy might&magic list with some shooting could proove usefull VS elves (sadly you can't make a shooting list that would be even more efective) and your chukkas are effective against manticores/dragons.
I didn't try a giant yet in 8th edition, but thunderstomp should make him pretty efective, even if he rolls bad in his special attacks.

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Thanks for spending the time to reply!
ive always shyed away from magic so maybe ill give the level 4 shaman ago as i know my brother will not take any magic himself. Regards the Giant i used him in 2 games today once against chaos where he fell over and got murderd dam those "anything but a 1" rolls and then again against High Elves where he ran down a unit of Swords men of Hoeth but then was shot down, i find there only useful against chaos as they dont have much shooting to deal with. I just like to take a moment to say how filthy TECLIS espically when hes got the lore of life and in a phoenix guard (dont normally play special characters house rule)
Anyway im playing my bros Dark Elves tomorrow and i find myself terrified of his hydra apart from spear chukkas any advice for that? and cauldren of blood?
with the unit of 5 wolf riders my bro will take 2 bolt throwers and 10 reapeater crossbows and even sometimes those dark elves with reapeter crossbows on horses i understand they are there to take some of the punishment from my main units but with only 5 wolf riders and 6 spider riders not going to take much to wipe them out and i probably wont be taking a giant as that be 205points of a large walking bulls eye
If i take lots of goblin units against a Dark elf army im going to be taking panic tests all day long?
I like the idea of the bowmen as not many people expect to see a fanatic in the unit and they are dirt cheap, though i love fanatics they seem to have a great time smashing apart my own boys and in some/most cases inflicting more damage on my own boys.
Black Orcs im still not conviced on maybe its just been bad dice rolling on my part but for the points they dont really seem to do much granted they dont have animosity but are they worth being 300points.
I agree on the BSB all day long and in regards to TOTEM its great against Vampire Counts. Digger im with you on the wyvern there redundent and a pain in the arse to stick that tail on. Used to love my squig hoppers but they dont seem to fit in my army any more. Any who thanks again for input gents given me even more to think about, below the list i played against the Chaos ( i lost cause my giant forgot how to stand up) let me know what you think :)

Night Goblin Big Boss- Great Axe Amulet of Protectivness (59points)
Night Goblin level 2 shaman (85points)
Orc BSB - Light Armour (97points)
Orc level 2 shaman (100Points)
Black Orc Big Boss- Best Basha, Akrit Axe, heavy armour, Shield (131points)

49x Night Goblins- Nets,Spears,full command, 2x Fanatics (301points)
30x Orc Boyz- Spear,Shield,full Command (240points)

20x Black Orcs- Full Command (298points)
1x Boar Chariot (80points)
10x Boar Boyz- muscian,Boss (244points)
2x Spear Chukkas (70points)

Giant (205points)
3xTrolls (120points)

I know spears silly idea wont do that again and not sure the boar boys worth it! Also 2030points due to were playing a campaign and i had a mine that gave me 30 extra points.

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If you know you're facing a hydra or 2 (or any other regenerating monster really), a banner of eternal flame really does the trick :)
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