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I am currently putting together a new force which I have been working on fluffwise for quite a while ( However, I have now decided to go beyond my simple commander and 5 scouts and have purchased a tactical squad.

Having finished the conversion and assembly of all these minatures this morning (see my gallery uploads soon if they are validated), I now have:

Commander (Captain) - 136 points
Power Fist
Master-Crafted Storm Bolter
Combat Shield
Melta Bombs
Frag Grenades
Terminatour Honours

Tactical Squad (10) - 205 points
Missile Launcher
Plasma Gun
Terminator Honours
Master-Crafted Bolter
Purity Seals

Scout Squad (5) - 123 points
Sniper Rifles (4)
Terminator Honours
Master-Crafted Missile Launcher

Total: 464 points

I am considering purchasing the composite Tactical Squad/Rhino set and Razorback Sprue from the Games Workshop Online Store before the APC price hike of February the 27th comes around.

After that next upgrade, what additions would be advisable? I understand many will not read the fluff link above - so to summarise - this is a shooty army with no assault units except a Ultramarines Honour Guard renamed Hephaestean Temple Guard. This is because this army uses the same rules as the Ultramarines.

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Well shooty with a dessert home world. Settlements are few and far between making speed on the planet essential. Landspeeders (tornado) fast and very shooty.
I want to add that the razorback and squad set does not come with the new sm tatical squad spure. Vehicals would have a difficult time traveling through the desert so more devastator squads than tanks may also be what you are looking for. Bikes are a definate no no as they don't move on sand very fast. No assault troops

Fast attack - Land speeders are the only thing that fit

Heavy support - Indirect ordinace and dev squads

Troops - infiltrating scouts and squads with converted transports to be more mobile in the desert. Maybe model them as skimers make it a cool conversion project.

Elites - terminators - dreads will have a hard time walking on sand
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