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I have searched the forum and saw a section in the senery section that was dead and not really what I'm looking for.

What I want is to make a drop pod (obviously) I live in the states and to buy from forge world (cool stuff) is way beyond expensive. So I have a couple Ideas
1. Coke can use quarter inch plywood ( i have a ton) to gillthe top and the bottom them put a storm bolter on the top. How am I going to do the doors. Also this is going to be too small to fit 10 marines.

2. Ultra converted rhino also expensive and possibly more work than is worth it

3. PVC pipe cheap easy to work with. And easy to come by - plastic flower pots might also work.

Here is the deal my army consists of squads from a bunch of chapters plus a few tanks and dreads and so on. So should the pods be the same since they are from the same ship. Or should each squad have its own markings and pod or just individual markings but same pod shape.

Also does anybody know where to se pictures.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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