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Ok all over the place i keep reading about how good lootas are. in my first ever game with orks last week they sucked and failed to do a thing but part of that was down to sheer bad luck. I accept that they need more testing and better positioning from me.

I plan to build a mechanised army to face guard, SW and eldar. I plan to run
1 BW with kff mek + shootas
3 trukks brimming with slugga boyz
3 rokkit buggies
2 rokkit koptas (probably outflanking)
kommandos with snikrot (ambush)
Bikerboss with troops choice of 5 nob bikers
all coming in at exactly 1500pts

so i intend to split the bikers on one flank and the battlewagon/trukk convoy with rokkit buggies in support on another all trying to take advantage of the kff!

My question is this,
do lootas have a place in a transport based army? and is it worth swapping them for anything in this army?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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