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Doctrines for Tallarns

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Hi everyone, you may not know me as i live in the Eldar and Dark Eldar forums.
For my 3rd army, i was thinking of playing tallarns, but can't choose their doctrines. i was going to go with the codex, but replace priests with cameleoline and maybe die-hards with heavy weapon platoons. i have never played as guard before, so i have nop idea what is good and what sucks.
All help will be greatly appreciated.
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I personally like the die hards doctrine. It makes it so that you will usually never have negative leadership modifiers in close combat, and often forces your opponent to kill your squad down to the last man. Depending on your strategy, this can be a bad thing, but I use it to buy the rest of my army time to join the assault and push the enemy back (thats right, my guardsmen know how to fight in CC).

Chameleoline is an excellent doctrine IMO. It fits the fluff of your tallarns very well too. For Tallarns, I'd go with roughriders (and maybe if you got the cash, get the forgeworld models). Roughriders can kick a lot of @$$ in CC.

Carapace armor can be nice. Put it on your roughriders and they'll not only kick a lot of @$$, but they might not get their own @$$es kicked so fast either.

Mechanized forces are also very powerful (everyone mounted in chimeras). The only problem with this one is that you'll be knee deep in buying/painting transports, and that can get very time/wallet consuming.

I'm also a huge fan of close order drill. Puts your men at a higher leadership and initiative (you'll strike as the same time as smurfs), but it makes you a target for blast weapons. Good thing about though, is that it doesn't cost any extra points (still takes up a doctrine slot though), and you aren't obligated to keep your men in base to base contact should you want to "deactivate" close order drill at any point during the fight.

Just my two cents. Glad to see another player using classic guard models. Or do you plan on using the gorgeous new forgeworld tallarns?
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Well lets see here..

1)Light Infantry clearly, because they're from the desert areas and know quite a bit about ruff terrain and conditions, not to mention being light & stealthy.

2)Close Order Drill for all the reasons mentioned above, its a must-have if you want to stand any kind of chance in close combat, I hear the +1 init is quite a blessing, not to mention the Ld(though my only truly close combat worthy squad is my HQ PLATOON baby, yeah).

3)Sharpshooters -or- Hardened Fighters, depending on whether your going to avoid melee at all costs & shoot like hell, or if you want to be prepared for eventual melee.

4)Cameleoline is good if you're in cover.

5)If you want to be good in melee, take Warrior Weapons(& Hardened Fighters & Close Order Drill). If not, instead make the fifth one Diehards, or Veterans if you want to have more Vet squads, or the Heavy Weapons restricted troop type if you're going all out shooting.
For effectivness and fluff I would use:

Close Order Drill
Iron Discipline
Light Infantry
actuall, i was just going to convert cadians until i se some cheap tallarns on eBay. however, what do you think about:
Light Infantry
Rough Riders
Special Weapon squads. (For snipers, see below)

I want my army to be modeled on the Fremen from Dune, light, fast hitting desert raiders who appear out of no-where, shoot the hell out of everyone, and vanish back to the deserts.
eventually, it is also going to transform into and Armoured Company, but for now it will just be my elitist tallarn/fremen desert raiders. also, they are painted more "deep desert" camo than regular Tallarns, if you have read Dune you would understabd.
dodo129 said:
Light Infantry
Rough Riders
Special Weapon squads. (For snipers, see below)
I like those doctrines.
Might I recommend reading the 'How to convert Tallarn Desert Raiders' in the The Ultimate IG conversion guide? I wrote that one and I also have a couple of pics of converted Tallarns that you can see in My Gallery.

And This will probably intrest you as well.
I will pick up at least 4-5 boxes of them :yes:
hell yeah! those look pretty nice. however, for now i will stick w/ converted cadians as they are cheaper and look more fremen-like in my opinion. where is your conversion guide?
dodo129 said:
where is your conversion guide?
Scroll down a bit and read it.
OK, thank you all. how would anyone who has read Dune go about modelling Fremen?
I havn't read the books but I have played Emperor: Battle for Dune so I know roughly how they look.
I think it would be cool, it fits the Tallarn fluff as well.
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