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Does anyone go off-roading?

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Hey, I've got myself into a new hobby and wondered if anyone else was into it.

Anyone else go off-roading/green laning? Me and my friends as a group love to tootle round the country green-laning. My friends all drive, and recently I bought a Landrover Defender 90 County for off-roading fun. It's a bit of a shed currently (it was very cheap...) but in about a month it will be an off-roading machine. Currently I spend far too much time under the damn thing but it'll pay off in the end. I realise due to the age groups in here many people don't drive, but if we are all 21 and off-road there must be someone else in here.

Anyone else into the hobby?

I'll show you our "stable" of vehicles (not bad for 5 poor students!).

My friend Sam's Volkswagen Syncro:

My friend Paul's Landrover:

My Landrover (which will look better than Paul's soon ;)):

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Where I'm from we call it mudding. I guess because it's pretty damned muddy here during the seasons that you would want to go off road in a vehicle during.

But to answer your question, yes, I have been mudding a few times in an old beat up jeep that a few of us put our money together and bought. It lost it's appeal shortly after eddie lost two front teeth in the dashboard when the jeep rolled over.
Ah, you can't let such a minor thing as missing teeth discourage you.

You must carry on forward against your better judgement :)
Dude, I can list on one hand the things that I'd lose two front teeth over, but none of them include being in that Jeep when it rolled over. :)

Besides, I damage myself enough skating.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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