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Hi everyone (or, judging by recent activity in this sub-forum, no one),

I'm an ancient player of Bretonnians who recently rediscovered the joy of model painting during the pandemic. I played in the 90s, and only 5th edition (typically against Chaos Dwarfs and Wood Elves) and had accumulated a 1,500-2,000 point army which currently resides in storage.

I've recently been reinfected with the Warhammer bug, but it seems a LOT has changed since I used to play. I've downloaded the old army books and rule books and have read almost everything I can find online about Bretonnian tactics and models. On the back of that I've been designing some army lists but realise that I have no one to play against.

I also noticed that all resources appear to relate to the 6th edition or later. I have two questions to start off with:

1) Does anyone still play 5th edition rules, or is that very niche given the frustrations with overpowered heroes?

2) If I found someone to play, and they insisted on 6th edition rules (or later?!), how competitive would my army be without the units which were introduced in the 6th edition (pegasus knights, reliquae, and trebuchets)?
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