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Ok, so it says to become enhanced you need 100 rep. Now I read about rep in the rules section but that was confusing. It mentioned something about coloured bars, but I don't have one. I see there are stars by your post and it says add to person's rep. I have one, plus I guess I start with 10. But how do you possibly ever get 100? I look at the moderators and people with like 3-4000 posts and they only have like maybe 13 stars. So I would think it would take about 40 years to get 100 stars.

But they say to get enhanced you need 100 rep and be a member for like 2 months or 250 posts. so considering that the rep points they would pick would average about the same time to build, you would come to the conclusion that it takes 2 months on average to get 100 stars, but I haven't seen any body with that much rep. Am I missing something?

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You don't get "100 stars"... you get "100 rep points"..

See how many stars I have?

I have well over 100 rep points.

I can't accurately say how many stars = how many points or anything, but the stars do represent the person's reputation - they are not, however, on a 1:1 ratio.

edit: Actually, it's likely that each star after the first (everyone has the first star) stands for 100 rep points, after I did a quick check. Correct me if I'm wrong, someone.

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