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Doomdiver v skirmishers

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Just a query that hasn't come up as yet in a game I have played. However, if a doomdiver hits a unit at all it causes its usual wounds but what if it lands in a skirmished unit? Does it deal all of its wounds on the model it hits? or are they distributed amongst the unit. Also if the doomdiver itself does not physically hit an enemy models base but falls with in the rest of a skirmished unit does that count as a hit?

just occured to me that I must be bored as hell ay work to be concerned about this :)
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i think if it falls within the area the skirimish unit takes up it should count as a hit, and if ur opponent complains then just explain that the guy does have some control so could guide it that 2mm onto ur base
Yep if a doom diver hits a figure in the unit, then it counts the wounds against the full unit. in addition, if its within the area covered by the skirmishing unit ie between 2 figures i believe it counts. however if the skirmishers are strung out in a line then your out of luck my friend. fling away i say, fling away
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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