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Is there anyone who has been in a doubles tournament using 7th edition rules? If so, how did the tournament organizers work the pyschic phase? So far we are thinking this:

Both partners treat each other as "Allies of Convenience" regardless of their usual ally designations.

Roll once and both team members add their mastery levels up together and add it to the die roll to form a team warp charge/ denial pool.

For Blessings and Conjurations (powers that target a friendly unit), only one opponent may try to deny the witch, not both.

For Witchfire, Beams and Maledictions, only the opponent who is affected by the power may perform a deny the witch roll.

For Nova Powers that strike both of your opponents, either opponent may deny the witch. If the DtW roll is successful, neither is hit by the nova as it is cancelled.

That's kind of how we had things laid out so far. Is there any other thoughts on it?​

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