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Hey I'm about too get into heavily into doubles tournaments in warhammer since they have pretty much everything I could wish for.

Lower points value per army makes it a little harder to power game in a way since no lords or double rares. That and being able to counter your weakness with your allies strengths mean no more playing wood elves across the board from a Deamon players Blood Thirster and thinking "sigh there isn't even anything effective IN my list to counter that" let alone khorne hounds flamers etc.

You can get a little more creative with the lists since it opens up new dynamics. And lastly the best part is you get to play warhammer WITH another friend against other friends. Anyways to my question!

The wood elf list is exactly as he wants after I gave him advice on different combo's he could try but I've never played empire before so I'm not sure which way to go with it. And would like some advice to how you would pair it with the elves. The rules are basically 1 hero each 1 core each and then both armies combined follow the same rules as a 1500pt army so 1 more hero for ONE person 3 special between etc. And generals can carry a battle standard in all armies!


captain /w full plate armour + imperial pegasus + lance + aldred's casket of sorcery + enchanted shield

21x swordsmen /w musician + standard bearer + Detachment (5x Handgunners /w marksmen + repeater handgun)

20x swordsmen /w musician + standard bearer + Detachment (5x Handgunners /w marksmen + repeater handgun)



(use dwarf cannon for lol's and fun CUZ THERE SO DAMN TINY ^^)


Coupled with

Wood elves

Noble /w Hail of doom arrow + Helm of the hunt + great weapon + alter kindred + light armour + shield

Branchwraith /w a cluster of radiants (general)

8x dryads /w Brach Nymph

5x glade riders + musician

Glade guard

8x Wardancer troupe


*The thing I'm unsure of is at this points level (bare in mind in reality it IS a 1500pt battle) is taking two great cannons a little over kill?
*Should I replace one of them with a Pistoler's unit?
*Are the core choices very solid? Should I replace one of those with a unit of Empire knights?
*I'm thinking although the General is a (warmachine/enemy wizard hunter) that I should give him a battle standard since I'm not really confident in what the core choices are like holding charges without them. And if I come up against combat heavy armies at least he will have another role to contribute with.
*Should I drop a core choice and or a cannon to use up the rare choice and or get a different special choice?
*Also Is the steam tank any good? I'm not so sure about it since it is a whole swordman unit and detachment + great cannon all in one.
*I'm thinking of dropping a Cannon for a unit of pistoler's with outrider and repeater pistol. Dropping a unit of swordmen and hand gunners, making the swordmen unit there 25 strong with champion, adding another hand gunner unit to it and giving the captain a battle standard. And then either adding a unit of empire knights or taking a hell blaster.
Anyway the one thing I love in the list is the captain and at least 1 cannon so they can't go. Would love to hear your advice!


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Firstly, detachments cannot take Champions (nor can they take Standard Bearers or Musicians for that matter). Halberdiers make good detachments for Swordsmen, flank charges ahoy.

I'd be tempted to replace one unit of Swordsmen with Spearmen - neither army has a defensive 'anchor' to sit on the gunline. A detachment of Handgunners would work well here.

Two Cannons are overkill. If you really want two war machines take a Cannon and a Mortar. Small armies need to be versitile.

Pistoliers would be fine although your teammate's Glade Riders do a similar job.

Steam Tanks are awesome but it's almost half of your points. Strength of numbers is important in Empire armies and at 750pts you'd have so few troops if you include the Tank.

The Captain's great - should be a lot of fun to use.
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