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Draake's Space Marine Project Log

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Hey everyone, if you're reading this you've entered into my inaugural Project thread! I have created this for a few reasons:

- I have always wanted to make one of these
- I would like to show my fellow Warhammer enthusiasts my own collection
- This may motivate me to get things done!

First I'll start with a bit about me. I started collecting Warhammer in 1998. My first army was Fantasy Orcs and Goblins. One of my best friends at the time had just started collecting them, and after seeing a little night goblin with his middle finger up, I was decided. Orcs and Goblins it was! After just over a year of putting together a random collection of models, I discovered 40K and more importantly, Space Marines.

The look of these models hooked me instantly. I fell in love with them on the spot, and bought first and read up later. What I read about them only helped to solidify the coming addiction to them that would plague me into my adult life.

So, 10 years later, I am finally going to take painting these fellas a little more seriously, and put some more effort into them. I have been waiting until after my uni exams this year (Still two to go at time of posting) to get this thing started.

What you will notice below is that NOTHING (Yes, NOTHING) in my army is complete. At least not by my standards. It may be painted, but it will be missing highlights, edging and basing. A good half of what I have is not even assembled!

So without further ado, I give to you Draake's Space Marine Project Log. I will try to keep this updated whenever I manage to crank out some new minis. I hope you all enjoy this journey as much as I do.

My army
I started with a small collection of Marines, and as an enthusiastic 12 year old, painting them the ultra creative Ultramarines Blue. After a few years break, I decided I wanted to be more original, more unique. I wanted to take it as far as creating my own chapter, one that had no GW support of any kind. I looked around at all the existing chapters, and fell in love with black power armour.

Below is some fluff I have created for my chapter : go easy on it, I am no fluff master so their may be some inconsistencies.

The Black Vanguard Chapter

Primarch: Rogal Dorn
Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists
Founding: 7th Founding
Home base: Battle Barge "Midnights Blade"
Recruit from: Various planets across the Segmentum Solar

Battle cry: Let darkness embrace you!
Battle prayer: The Emperor commands us. Dorn guides us. Honour shields us. Fear our name, for it is vengeance.

The Black Vanguard chapter roam the subspace regions of the Segmentum Solar, constantly on the prowl for uninvited guests in Imperial territory. Although largely an independent chapter, deciding when and where to strike, it is upon rare occasion that they will not answer the call for aid from any Imperial world or force. Above all, they are fiercely loyal to their primarch, Rogal Dorn, and will answer the call from any of Dorn's children before all others. (Or do they roam the stars, carrying out Dorn's last task? "Dorn led them, dressed in the black of mourning, his customary mercy set aside until the guilty were punished."

The Black Vanguard have taken it upon themselves to carry on with Dorn's crusade of vengeance - that of hunting down traitor marines) At the same time, their wrath is extended to all who betray the Imperium. Their black power armour is drawn from the black armour of mourning that Dorn donned after finding The Emperor, Sanguinius and Horus dead on Horus's battle barge.

In large engagements, the role typically performed by the Black Vanguard is that of an advance guard, true to their name. Combining elements of speed and raw firepower, they strike hard and fast under the cover of a withering amount fire and ordnance, the latter being a trait they have proudly adopted from the Imperial Fists.

However, unlike the Imperial Fists, the Black Vanguard do not specialise only in siege warfare. They are a largely mechanized chapter, favouring Rhinos to rush them to key points in the battle and Land Raiders to smash through the toughest of defenses. Drop pods are also used to great effect, often delivering the Dreadnoughts and Sternguard Veterans of the chapter to the fore.

Being largely a codex chapter, the Black Vanguard utilise all units available to them. Dorn was a strict adherent to the Codex: " When they later emerged, their adherence to the Codex was matched only by the Ultramarines".

With a varied mix of units able to perform a wide amount of roles, the Black Vanguard often finds itself performing roles other than that of forerunners. Whether it be fire support, scouting and reconnaissance, forming a main battle line, holding objectives or storming the enemy lines with Terminators - their allies are never let down, and their enemies seldom survive an encounter.

My total model count
Brace yourselves, another wall of text incoming.
Legend: Unassembled/Unpainted, Started/In progress, Painted, Completed


Master of the Fleet
Master of the Arsenal (My "counts as" Vulkan)
Master of the Watch
Master of the Recruits
Chaplain in Terminator Armour
Chaplain with jump pack
Inquisitor Lord
Space marine commander (Sprues)
Space marine captain (AoBR)
Command Squad (Sprues)

Tactical Squad (10)
Tactical Squad (10)
Tactical Squad (10, sprues)
Tactical Squad (10, sprues)
Tactical Squad (10, sprues)
Tactical Squad (10, sprues)

Rhino (Sprues)
Scouts (15 metal models, 4 snipers, 1 HB, 1 ML, 2 Shotguns, 1 Sergeant, 6 CCW/BP)
Sergeant Telion

Terminator Squad (5, 3rd ed models)
Terminator Squad (5, new models)
Terminator Squad (5, AoBR models)
Venerable Dreadnought
Sternguard Veteran Squad (5, plan to make this 10 by converting extra tact squad models)

Fast Attack

Bike Squad (3)
Bike Squad (3)
Attack Bike

Attack Bike
Vanguard Veterans (5)

Land Speeder (will need stripping, bad UM paint job)
Land Speeder Tornado

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad (LC, PCx2, HBx2, ML, Serg)
Devastator Squad (Sprues, will use every heavy weapon using extra tact squad models)
Marine with ML x 2
Land Raider

And finally, the part you've all been waiting for! I've never had to take photos this way before, I tried for 3 hours to get the photos of the models right then gave up. I think I'll need to take future photos outside on a sunny day.

My hobby desk (I have used this sturdy companion since I started collecting).

My army

Tactical Squad 1

Tactical Squad 2


Bikes with dread in background

Assault Marines, Vindicator in background

Assassin, 5 of the first marines I ever painted with a coat of black on top. I even attempted basing one all those years ago!

Old school Terminators


Chapter Headquarters

My tools

My bitz box

My WIP box

Things to do

More things to do....

And more things to do.

As you can see, my existing models need a lot of work. With a little self control, these will all be finished before I start anything new! I have a lot of work in front of me, those 4 tactical squad sprues will allow me to convert some Sternguard and more Devastators (I love those heavy weapons) using left over parts from the Devastator sprue.

Well, that's all from me for now folks. I will be starting this on Tuesday!

Draake :beer:
---------------------------------- March 1st, 2010 Been afk from LO for quite a while, however I have managed to squeeze some painting in over the past few months (but more gaming than painting, admittedly). I will be posting some new pics soon! - Updated to-do list
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Draake's WIP

That's lots to paint. Keep up the good work and keep on painting. :)
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