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So I had a talk, with a friend, and we both agreed the old although current (old) dragon ogre models are hoakey. So we came up with some ideas. Here are some of them.

1. Centigors, green stuff scales (great with green stuff, damn near every piece in my nurgle warriors has some on it.)

2. Dark elf cold ones with new bestigor bodies (they already have the great weapons)

3. Dark elf cold ones with new minotaur bodies (more ogrey than beastigor and once again has great weapons.)

4. switch out dark elves for lizardmen cold ones, either scenario

2 things, which do you like best?

And any other suggestions? (if you dislike the above)

-thanks mates

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I converted mines from iron guts ogre bodies cut them in half and Managed to get my hands on 3 old dragon ogres so just glued them on top of the dragon bodies, Easy peasy.
Not sure if with will help but here is a quick picture.

Idea 2 maybe abit to small i think dragon ogres are ment to be big!

But i like idea number 3 hairy dragon ogres :D.

Good luck with your choice.
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