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I personally like to do the breath thingy. I mean if you charge a unit it only takes a wiff and you have to overcome outnumber and a banner and maybe a war banner. It also depends a lot on the dragon. I play High Elves and I believe they have one of the nastiest dragons. Their breath weapon is insane. I mean all you have to do is kill 1 model in a unit and that's a panic check. So I land behind the line and breath fire. If I position the dragon right I can easily hit 3 units and it should be a problem to kill on in each unit. That's 3 panic checks there and then next turn your opponent has to take the terror check on everything within 6". That's easily 5 units so you are causing 8 LD checks by turn 2. Something is gonna give, even with dwarves then you make sure you have eagles and reavers around to run the fleeing stuff down before they get a chance to rally. Much safer then getting into combat.

Also keep in mind the the DOW dragon is a High Elf dragon so he can do the same thing.
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