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Came across these from another website. Supposedly concept drawing for a new ork box. i'm not sure, but the drawings are really nice and give some nice ideas for ork stuff. thought it might help people out. i know nothing about the website or designer, just thought the drawings were really good.
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They look good and do seem possible as real concept work. I think if GW make any models for the orks that look like that it would definately increase interest in the race.
quite a bit nicer than some of the current range, especially the bikes. I'm not crazy about the commandos but I can see how they would work. I'm more in favor of a barechested camo painted lot personally. Ah well, look good on the whole, lets hope the boyz come out soon.
I LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES!!!! except for the bikes, their kinda ugly, but i love all the rest of them! if this is what the orks are gonna be like next......i cant wait!
Me like. :rolleyes:
I dunno... they look very nice, but IMO they're too serious. I like orks as a comic race- dangerous ingame, but comic fluffwise. These new orks look a bit too kickass for my liking ^_^
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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