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Dreadnoughts in Drop Pods - Good or Bad?

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I was wondering wether or not Drop podding a close-combat dread into the heart of the enemy lines is a good idea?

You see I figured it would give it better chance of survival than trying to walk it across into combat, plus you could use the heavy flamer to burn loads of people and the assault cannon to maim them!

I was thinking of using it to support my assault squad.

Is this a good plan or will it just get killed on arrival?
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I play BA's and always use my Furioso with pod and EA, It's works really well If smoke Is popped once the dread arrives, this means unless the opponent rolls a 5/6 on the glance chart he's gonna be on the rampage :w00t:
Also the pod can be very good tactically for blocking fire lanes and Initially protecting the dread from anti-tank fire.
Basically It's the best way to deliver non shooty dreads :yes:
Shooty vs Assault

With an Assault Dread, I have to totally agree with Cadian7th, smoke and EA are the best way to get the assault dread in. Actually a cute trick is to infiltrate a unit close to the flank of an army, use something somewhat tasty for your enemy. Then after some of the forces (hopefully) break off to engage, pop the pod right in between that smaller force and the main force. Not only do you have a cross-fire, but also the pod should be a nice wall in the way (PS - use the storm bolter to either piss off the main force or add to the dismay of the smaller detachment).

That tactic is alot of fun with tyranids. ;-)

Otherwise I think that the next best job for a dread is to sit back and pummel with missles and lascannons. Its like having an extra devistator squad without the high cost, and a little bit of motion.

A good bet might be magnet-mounting both styles and then using the best one in the best situation.

Good Hunting.
It's great for close range dreads (incl. assault cannon variants), particularly in escalation. It gets over their slow speed which really cripples models like that in that sort of game.
Don't drop him on the enemy without support.

I drop a furioso on one end of my opponents line and use the pod to block line of sight. Next turn he comes around the pod and assaults.

Take that hippies.

By drop podding my dread I took out a baneblade super heavy tank by hitting the rear..

It won me the game by doing that.. Like everyone else agreed, I will also in terms of using smoke, espicially if you are using a Furioso and you want to just plough your way through..

Just make sure you drop pod in the best part of the table for causing damage and dont leave your Dread vunerable to be shot at the rear, unless its a sacarifice your willing to make, but then again what Space Marine Commander would ever sacarafice an ancient dreadnought!
When I play FT, I drop the CC Dread (furioso with moriars rules).
He basically sweeps the enemy lines.

Venerable is a good pick for a DP dread. take S + EA.

If you want to get into cc next turn, then pop smoke on landing. This way, there's statistically a 75 percent chance per glancing or penetrating hit of taking a shaken/stunned result. He'll have to use alot of his firepower to pop or immobilize your dread. Whether it lives or dies, alot of his shooting is off the rest of your army that turn and it works either way.

I generally take a furioso dread with HF, S, EA. But I also like taking a venerable dread with AC, HF, S, EA. Definitely worth the points.
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