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I started a thread recently on Terminators to generate discussion, and I received some excellent feedback, so thanks to those who contributed.

In that vein I'd like to transition to a new discussion on another old favorite, the Dreadnought. I love these guys, always have. The models are awe-inspiring, and capture the essence of Space Marines. Their history and place in the Imperium, aka fluff, was also excellently done. I own seven of these big-guys, and always feel like I should include them "just-cause".

It appears however, as I have perused various tournament and friendly-game army lists that are proposed on this and other forums, that less folks include Dreadnoughts, preferring instead the more popular Land Speeder Tornado and variations of the Predator tank.

I submit to you this question: In a medium sized game (1850-2000 points), is it worth running one or more Dreadnoughts? If so, under what configuration and why? If not, why not?

I look forward to your comments.

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i think there are 2 good ways to run a dread. either drop-podding the standard one to kill a tank, or playing it with the TLLC and CCW. really the CCW is the only thing the dread has over a predator, so dropping it is a bit silly. venerable and tank-hunter can be good, but dreads are still pretty easy to kill and then you have lost a big chunk of points.
I have mixed feelings about these awesome lads. I think it depends on what else you have and play with. If you play troop heavy with no Landraiders, your Dreads can get shot up pretty fast. If you do take a LR, your dreads stand a good chance of making it to CC, and the Assault Cannon just mades Dreads a whole lot better.

If I played with a LR, I would take two AC/CCW versions. If I didn't, I probably wouldn't take one.
i love them. i field 6 of them in 2000pt games. i use drop pod ones so i always have the cc arm fitted and either a TL lascannon or AC
I think dreads are an excellent edition to almost any army. However, id recommend you never field more then 2.

Formations are also key.

One of the best is TLLC, ML, Tank hunters, venerable, extra armour.

It has the edge over the preditor because it can move and shoot. Also, iits about the only 10 strength weapon space marines have, besides the really short range of a demolisher.

You have a pretty good chance of hitting with the Lacannon as well, and a fairly good chance of scoring another hit with the ML.

Again though, the big advantage will be on turn one, Example: if you use a preditor, and you start out of LOS to the enemy, youll get 1 S9 shot. While the dreadnought gets 1 S10 shot, and 1 S9 shot.

Again with his manouverably the tank can match up the field and take table quarters, or what ever else thats needed to be captured.

Another patern of dread is the more standard, Assault cannon, DCCW, extra armour, drop pod.

When put into a drop pod, this can be a leathal combo. Also, when im drop podding I like to take it with a heavy flamer. However this breaks one of the flamer tactical rules, but i find that i can usually make up the 10 points of the flamer, on the turn the pod lands, even though it cant move 12"s.

The AC with storm bolter or flamer is pretty leathal to what ever shoots, be it space marines to DE.

Many opponents also lose there kool, knowing a pod of melta death is about to rain down upon them, and the sheer pyskological factor is probably worth it.

More of a one trick pony idea here, but, if you pod near a wraithlord, but use the pod to keep you out of LOS of the lord, (and charge range) If you give the dreadnought furious charge with venerable, it can be a pretty great anti wraithlord machine.

Anyway, the dreadnought is a huge threat to the eldar army, so they do need to invest a way to kill you, often they wont mind trading a wound or 2 off there wraithlord. With a big of extra shooting, say from a lascannon in a tactical squad somewhere, you can get the lord down to 2 wounds. Now with furious charge, youll strike first, with 3 attacks, and pop the wraithlord before he even knows whats going on.

The same thing works against Chaos lords, without a rune. (however your dreadnought is gonna die) But, you instant death the Chaos lord, which is pretty fun.

Again, these are probably only going to work once.
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I always field two. One is TLLC/ML, venerable, extra armor, smoke launcher, the other is AC/Pfist/Stormbolter extra armor and drop pods in. I've never had them fail to be effective. Even in games where they die relatively soon, they've only done so after making back their points or better.
Ture dreadnought frontal armor seems very very weak now but if u keep him out of sight from lascannons they're invaluable. My dreadnought (not the best one I';m sure for obvious reasons)
Lascannon, Power Arm/fist flamer, venerable, extra armor, furious charge.
yah I know a lascannon should be replaced with an AC but my army needs the firepower and my termis can cover the ACs.

4 reasons why they're still good.

1,unless your opponent loves power fists you can squash any troop squad that don't employ grenades....which is actually a whole bunch of people.

2.They strike at I4 with a S10 no can kill almost any hero without an invulnerable save (even then your chances are good). One time a chaos lord (I think(HQ unit at least) tooled up like hell for close combat (power weapon, infiltrate, dark blade, fleet of foot, etc), got stuck in with my dreadnought and only ended killing 3 of my assault marines before I killed his 180 point hero.

3. Venerable makes them hella annoying because I saved my dread from death twice in a game by making reroll and get crew shaken.

4. They can easily make up their point cost if u attack the right thing.
aka: lascannon to any medium tank, CC with an entire squad of bloodletters, killing like 4 howling banshees with a heavy flamer before charging in to get them stuck for a while.

the key is to not consider them a heavy support but more as an elite(they excel at close combat and their gun choices can do whatver u want either mowing through orks or killing transports)....that one lascannon will not replace a predator or anything. but they can really really hurt troop units and low armor tanks if they can stay out of sight from big guns.
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I cant count the number of times an enemy Assault squad or Beserker squad has gone through a tactical squad only to find itself on the blunt end of Venerable Brother Izael's power fist.

I run him with a TLLC an DCCW. He can deal with anything, not quite so much of a specialist but with tank hunter he gets the job done.

My Deathwing plan to include 2 DPoding with AC+HF. Ought to be toasty.
I usually run a Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought (Like a regular one, but with better BS and WS) as my HQ. Drop Pod, AssCan/DCCW, Extra Armour and Smoke. Drop him at the back of the enemy line, blow smoke and wail away on something with th AssCan. If I have the points, I give him a Plasma Cannon instead.
Dreadnoughts are Awsome when used properly

Hi all this is my first post..

My Dread has done me very proud in the past. Heres my story..

I use TLLC, CCW and StormBolter and to great affect! My friend is a IG player and owns a Baneblade and has recently purchased a Shadowsword (bless him) and I took out his Baneblade the first time he used it with my trusty Dreadnought Priscus.. This is how..

I kept him in Reserve ready to drop pod him in just at the right time. My mate knew I had something planned and kept asking where I was gonna drop him, I just kept winking saying ''you'll see''. After 2 turns of pure annihaltion upon my marines from the deadly super tank he thought he had it in the bag and the game won, but after his baneblade had moved 12" in the 2 turns leaving plenty of space for my drop pod to blast my Dread in, I dropped Priscus right behind the Baneblade and removed 2 structure points in one shot from the Lascannon! While the rest of my army ripped many of his Guardsmen to peices and took out some other vehicles like his Leman Russ's..

My pal began to sweat and made the decision to concentrate on my marines as he couldn't spin his Baneblade round to my dread because of the damage inflicted in the turn before.. Again the emperors finest suffered greatly but kept on advancing typical of the mighty Adeptus Astartes.. He used his guardsmen on my Dread with Meltas and missile launchers, but the average marksmanship of the Guardsmen cost him dearly..


Priscus made another shot but never pentrated but with the ability to charge now, he stormed straight in to the rear of the super heavy tank.. Ancient servos and energy in power fist struggled but eventually ripped through the rear of the huge war machine detonating it entirely, whilst my marines got themelves within assault range and cut the guardsmen down..


Dreadnoughts are indeed awesome :yes:
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