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Drop pod tactical and veteran squads sample loadout

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After about 20 games of experimenting with tactical squad configurations for units arriving out of drop pods, I came up with this, which is pretty much optimal for my use. Thought I'd share it:

1 Tactical Squad [VS PF + Combi-Melta, 7 Bolters, 1 MG, 1 MM] (210) + DP (XX)
Total 240

In about 80 percent of my games, the unit has been able to sit and shoot in the next turn, so the MM has been worth it. The squad is used to kill armor on arrival, and then support the army in whatever way is needed in subsequent turns.

I recently tried this:

1 Veteran Squad [VS PF + Combi-Melta, 7 Bolters, 1 MG, 1 PF FG] (235) + DP (XX)
Total 265 --no skills taken, just basic unit/equipment cost

This also worked out quite well. This performs exactly the same role as the one above it on arrival. It's obviously more geared toward supporting assaults in subsequent turns than the other one. I I've found the bolters to be of more use than the CCW/BP option when the unit arrives out of a DP. I tend to use this configuration only if all of my troop choices are filled up and want more general purpose units.
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If you droped an MM by my armor I wouls simply get out of the twelve inch 2d6 range then fire on you.
I don't think the MM is to practical.
It's actually done pretty well for me. When I've had no vehicle targets, I've simply trained the weapon on HQ or similarly high threat units. The original setup for the squad was to have a heavy bolter on the HW slot. It did pretty well, but there were too many occasions where I needed to shoot enemy armor in my subsequent turn and needed something heavier.
How do you kill armor out of the 12 inch range? Why not just take a lascannon?
Do you use traits? That brings in a ton of options.
This is a very effective but still has tactical felxability. I have tested similiar setups before, but unfortunately i have yet to find a way to put a squad like this together for less than $50
OverchargeThis! said:
1 Tactical Squad [VS PF + Combi-Melta, 7 Bolters, 1 MG, 1 MM] (210) + DP (XX)
Total 240

In about 80 percent of my games, the unit has been able to sit and shoot in the next turn, so the MM has been worth it. The squad is used to kill armor on arrival, and then support the army in whatever way is needed in subsequent turns.
Well then ur opp must either be stupid or completely doesn't care about the damage ur squad can do to him. Any good player will see u hv a MM there and instantly assault u to protect his precious tanks...
btw if u shoot at armour then those bolters will all go to waste...
How does the multi-melta function for you?

Either you have to wait and don't get to move so you can fire (and waste your assault), and then your opponent has got to stupid enough to drive an tank within 12" of it. Any opponent with any sense would just drive away once you landed and stop you from using it effectively. I'd rather take a lascannon for that role.
Well, the weapon has a 24" range. More importantly, I usually drop this unit in the thick of the enemy's army. The opponent's army usually has to deal with this squad and the rest of my army at the same time, so there's very little maneuver on the part of heavy armor units, like Lehman Russes, Land Raiders, etc. Additionally, whatever gets out of range of this unit usually gets hit with meltabombs by incoming assault squads.

I go with a highly mobile combined-arms approach to my marines, and the drop pod tactical works out pretty well within that context. Also, the MM is fantastic when you're close. I generally take 1 among the heavy weapon loadout in my tactical squads.

As far as traits go, I like to take cleanse and burn and blessed be the warriors when I play 'pre-heresy blood angels'. My SM army is blood angels, so there's no traits available for them. Heehe. I play BA army that relies on core SM strengths of fire and maneuver, and go with large squads, a special, and a heavy weapon whereever I can take it..and of course my 300 point chaplain and my DC (my only HQ up through 2500) =).
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Drop podding an anti-tank squad doesn't seem practical. You would have to drop within 12" of your target to be able to make use of your meltaguns. At the start of the game most tanks would be near the opposite board edge. You would end up dropping near the edge and risk drifting off, or you would have to drop in front of them and end up blocking LOS for your other units. You would also need to put your men in position to have LOS on their target meaning that they are sitting ducks for a counterattack (shooting and/or assault). I like Multimeltas myself, but in this situation you are going to have that same squad out in the open for a second turn in order to get a shot off with their heavy weapon. As Fallout saqid previously, no one will leave a high value tank within 12" of that squad. They will simply move it out of range and blast away on the turn you land as the heavy weapon is useless until the next turn. They best way to deal with enemy armor is either with speeders (w/MM) or a bike squad (also w/meltas). A scout bike squad with meltabombs is cheap and you can get 42" of movement at the star of the game via the Scout special rule.
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I found this works well in my army for tactical squads
10 Marines
2 Plasma Guns
Veteran Sergant
Plasma Pistol
Power Fist
Your traits are the Cleanse and Purify so you get the extra plasma gun and the one that gives you counter charge and true grit so you are shooty and can stand up to people in close combat
yup. that'll do it.

Yup. That'll work probably the best if you have the traits for it.

As far as the drop pod squad I mentioned, I appreciate the confusion.

the squad's role is anti-tank on the turn it lands. After that it does whatever is requried of the unit. It's large, and balanced to handle anti-infantry, anti-armor, and assault. sorry if I did make that clear.
The most powerful combination for troop choices is this:

Trait cleanse and purify.

Veteran sgt: Powerfist + Bolt pistol.

2 models with melta guns.

7 models with bolters.

10 total, drop pod.

Drop pods allow for a 2" deployment, therefor, it is never possible for the drop pod to scatter out of range of the targeted tank, or unit. (however firepower will be slightly reduced on a roll of 11+ inches to troops only)

The MM is probably not a good choice, this is because you cant shoot it on the turn you arrive, personally, id rather have another 2 bolter shots, or beter yet, another melta gun.

The wounderful thing about this squad is how multi roll they are, yet specialed. your just about as good in CC as you are at shooting, which with say a tactical shooty tactical squad isnt a good idea, but with this combo it works great.

Your opponent is either forced to attempt to bring the marines down by shooting, which often isnt easy to do, and leaves everything the space marine player has pretty untouched. Or, assault you, and face 10 space marines in CC with hidden powerfist.

Either option is good for must armies.

Anyway, good luck with drop pods, remember that they are best with fast support units, and a dev squad. Peace
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