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drop pod!

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hardware store drop pod! found a very good website. the link is here
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Nice find!

I prefer to just use empty spray cans. XD
Those look great! I made a DP myself using a CD case and some foam board this weekend, at a total cost of $2. I'll post pics when I'm done, but to be honest, I think I like his better!

Foam board can be used for the doors instead of Rhino doors. Just trace the rhino door onto some foam-boad and viola!

I'm going to home depot today! I'm going to buy 3 or 4!
sounds good. i wish i could do the same today, butr i can't as i'm sick and can't get a ride there. lucky........
They look really cool. Cant believe how good they look for the price tag of $5.
ya, its amazing what you can do with cheap pieces of pvc from Home Depot or a hardware store.
Also shows you what a rip off GW prices are sometimes. And also how sad and Lazy some people are that theyll pay $80 for something they could make in an hour for $5.
ya,you got a point. i also found the templates that someone posted the website to. it looked like an open house. can't find the website right now. also have no intention iof posting it either. Mods are mad scary when it comes to this stuff.
In one of the more recent Canadian White Dwarf magazines, a Space Wolf army using these pods was featured, and I thought they looked amazing. I'm going to be picking up few for sure.

EDIT: And, if you're really ambitious, you could put some foam inside them and actually carry the squad inside them when travelling. I might just do that...
dude, that's a great idea! i gotta try that..... too busy now. 75 space marines to paint, so drop pod. will have to wait for a while. that number does not include my 4 rhino based vehicles and land raider crusader.
Very interesting drop pods.. maybe not be best of looks... o_O but it gets the job done... just without the weapons.. that is.
Reminds me of something from that TV show LOST LoL but an awesome & money saving
idea which is good & it doesnt look to bad at all ^_^

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