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Drop Pods and Deathwind launchers

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Hey guys, I've got a question relating to deathwind launchers and Drop pods.

While I was building a 1500 point army for SMs, I noticed the Deathwind launchers while I was giving my Dreadnought a drop pod and I started to wonder.

Are Deathwind launchers able to fire every turn after they drop down onto play?
Are they solo upgrades for a Drop Pod, which I think they are or are they able to be attached to a manned Drop Pod such as a Dreadnought's?
And finaly, are they really effective? Say, two drop on either side of an enemy squad or swarm and fire just before an assault by your forces?

They seem to be potentialy very powerful aspects of the SM list and I would like to know more about them.
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You can fire with them every turn just like any other weapon. I'm not sure what you mean about solo upgrades. As far as effectiveness goes, I personally think that they aren't worth the points given the low BS of the pod, their short range and the fact that pretty much everyone get a save against them.
Deathwind launchers are an upgrade for a drop pod. Just like a pintle mounted storm bolter. It can be fired every turn. They can be effective against very lightly armoured troops and swarms but thats about it. They also have a very limited range.
What I meant by solo was if I got the upgrade to a Deathwind, would that take up all the space normaly used for transporting troops? Or would it just replace the Storm bolter and still allow the full carrying capacity of the pod?
I always thought that the deathwind launcher was just an upgrade for the storm bolter on the drop pod. It never mentions anything in the codex about the pod losing its ability to carry troops (to my knowledge), so I would say that you do still get the full caring capacity of the pod. I am not positive on this myself so don’t quote me. :shifty:

Just my thoughts
No you don't lose the troop carrying capacity. I don't see any mention of swapping the storm bolter for the deathwind. I know it says "upgrade" but that is open to interpretation. I always thought it was a straight swap but now am not as sure. Your thoughts?
Upgrades are add-ons to a vehicle. At least that is how they are descibed for the other transports, etc. The drop pod has no crew just the Machine Spirit, so it can only fire one weapon at a time. Lawyers may argue otherwise, but that is how the Machine Spirit description sounds to me.
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