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So no better time to throw dice ;)

I have two battle reports coming your way (this is the first one), both against Marines, or Imperium. I wanted to see, how the same list can fare against two completely different imperial scum lists...

First match is against Raptors with some Astra Militarum (13 cp´s!) allies and we are playing a tournament mission (Eternal+Maelstrom) with 2000p. Opponent had an interesting list, with not a single vehicle (except a character Drednaught), but he has BODIES...i wonder how my two triple lance Ravagers fared against infantry? :)...

I dropped the NEW word from the title, because the Drukhari aint so new anymore, but are still precious to me :)

2000p, Drukhari vs. Raptors/Astra Militarum, and off we go!

- Lost Vyper
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