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Finally, going against some Chaos!

I´m facing Thousand Sons in this one and i haven´t played against a full Thousand Sons army since like 5th edition, so i was stoked!

Opponent had a beatiful army with cool conversions and we had a nice bloody game...

Again, i have only one character capable of denying LOADS of Psychic powers, can the Farseer handle the task? Will the Deathhex strip the Prophets good invl save? Shall the Maulerfiend dismantle the Talos in CC or the otherway around? Can the Forgefiend hit his targets and how many times shall the Veterans of the Long war come in to play?

Come and see, shall the poison effect the all is dust warped Chaos Space Marines...

1850p of good ole 40k madness...

- LV
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