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    • Lord (270pts)
    • Shieldbearers, rune of Fury (1st rune), Rune of Might (1st rune), Rune of Warding (1st rune), Rune of Warding (2nd rune)

    • Master Engineer (70pts)

    • Runesmith (110pts)
    • Rune of Spellbreaking (1st rune), Rune of Spellbreaking (2nd rune) , Rune of the Furnace

    • Runesmith (85pts)
    • Rune of Spellbreaking (1st rune)

    • 29 Longbeards (407pts)
    • Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, 29x Shields

    • 20 Quarrellers (240pts)

    • Cannon (120pts)
    • Cannon (120pts)

      Gyrocopter (80pts)

      Gyrocopter (80pts)

      24 Hammerers (431pts)
      Champion , 24x Hammerer, Musician
      Standard Bearer, Master Rune of Valaya

      Flame Cannon (140pts)

      Organ Gun (125pts)
      Rune of Burning

      Organ Gun (120pts)

      total [h=1]2398pts[/h]

    so this is my new tournement army to face end times im a little worried about about anti-magic but believe cannons are a way to kill anything, i would greatly appreciate any comments, or advice?


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I would drop the flame cannon and get some more runes on the organ guns. Get the +1 to hit and try and get a master engineer for each of them.

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Comments and advice are always a little slow here at LO - this isn't Facebook after all!
That said, I'm not sure if you've been following any of the 'Age of Sigmar' or potential "9th Edition" stuff/rumors, but a lot of people have been scared up into the rafters. They're not gone, but nobody is really motivated to post much of anything at the moment, which is sad. GW won't confirm or deny anything, and some of the rumors that have been floating around from people who may-or-may-not know anything at all, are pretty terrifying. People have sort of packed their things and are waiting by the door - if everything turns out alright, there will be plenty of activity here in the Fantasy sections again. If not... well, the game will probably be dead anyways (people might return with the "I still play 8th" mentality and carry on a sort of "classics" forum).

Saying that your army is for tournaments therefore, is a bit strange. Most tournaments are in a similar position as the gamers - they're not sure what's going to happen to the game, the armies, or what effect it will have on "comp" systems like ETC and Swedish, and have therefore put their events on hold.
I'm actually signed up for one tournament that will be played using 8th edition rules after Age of Sigmar drops and the army books are made unavailable (according to GW's actual webstore, the books will no longer be sold after June 26th). However, that tournament was arranged before we even knew about Age of Sigmar and the discontinuations.

As far as the list, Dwarfs aren't one of my main armies. I play about half the armies in the game myself, and play against the other half of the armies on a fairly regular basis (my best friend and I own between us, every army except Skaven and Beastmen) as part of my gaming group. I do collect them, and can point out some stuff that raised my eyebrow:

1) You're a touch heavy on Characters
Like all Elite armies, Dwarfs don't have too many feet on the ground at any one time. This is especially tough on the stunties, because we have no magic and we strike last. Like, always. So we ride out the magic phase as best we can, get through the shooting phase just like anyone else, and then get into combat and still need enough guys in our regiments that we can eat casualties before we get our own attacks. If you only have 2 ranks of Dwarfs fighting at the start of a combat round, chances are good that you won't get 2 ranks worth of attacks by the time you actually get to swing - some of them are going to be dead.
That means that Dwarfs (and any army with low model count) needs to keep their characters fairly minimal, and then spend those points on getting as many actual models into the army as possible. For Dwarfs, that means Infantry (because we don't have Cavalry, duh)
In your list, I'd drop out the Master Engineer, as he's not adding anything. I also consider dumping off one of the Runesmiths and just having the other be a "Breaking' caddy, or combine the two of them together into a Runelord for better dispel boosts.

Also, a Thane BSB is a must. You need those rerolls. Dwarfs have a very low number of very expensive units, and "box cars" are a thing that happens. I've seriously tied combat with a unit that had Leadership 10, Stubborn, and rolled 3D6 and picked the lowest two (aka: 'Hold the Line!' or 'Cold Blooded') and rolled two 6's and a 5. No BSB meant no rerolls, and over 10000pts of Empire models fled off the table and were destroyed. Seriously: get a BSB before ANYTHING other than your mandatory General.

2) Your Artillery Train is large
You're not quite a gunline army, because you have Longbeards instead of more Quarellers, and you're shooters are not equipped to slug it in the inevitable hand-to-hand either (give them Greatweapons, Dwarfs are already slow - shields don't hurt either). There are ways to build Dwarf armies whose strategy is to literally shoot everything and then spend the last few turns locked in "grinder-fest" combats where your opponent can't make back any points they've lost from the shooting phases. This is not that list.
Your artillery is similar to characters - it's a single piece, non-mobile, non-combat, non-banner (for Blood and Glory fortitude) unit. Organ Guns are good, but you might consider just getting more ranged Core units for the same cost. Flame Cannons are not so good, and Cannons are not the answer for dealing with Wizards or "anything". If a character is inside a unit, he has at least a 2+ Look Out Sir roll. If he's not in a unit, or doesn't benefit from a LoS!, then he knows about your cannons, and is prepared to bounce one. Either he has a shield which discounts the first hit he suffers on a 2+, or he has a seriously hefty wardsave. I have a Chaos Exalted who can take a cannonball on the chin every time and almost never suffers a scratch (3+ Wardsave, rerolls 1's).

Cannons are good though, and if you have access to them, you should take them. I'd give one of them the Rune of Burning and use it to hammer Hellpits and other regenerating beasties into mush (alternatively, you have the one Organ Gun for that). They're also great at wasting Dragons, Chariots, Knight-Trains, STanks, etc etc. Things you don't want hitting your lines. But they're not "anti-wizard devices". Worrying about magic is just something that you get used to as a Dwarf. Just slog your ale, and grumble about "fair fights and wotnot".
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