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well I've seen some fluff for other dwarf armies and I thought I'd give wack at it.

Dazrak Zorn

"The Greenskins are a movin through the mountains."
"Anyone else know?"
"Thorgrim and his lads are tied up just like the rest, but we may have slayers from Krak
Kadrin comin with us to meet them here at Black Black Blood Pass."
"How many greenskins?"
"Too many to face alone so we'll be needin those slayers."
Then, the groups of dwarves from Zhufbar went out to meet their throng of dwarves.
"To Black Blood Pass. There we'll crush the greenskins," yelled out the leader of the throng.
Off they marched to Black Blood Pass but they would find more than greenskins in those mountains.

And then.....writers block :|

yea I cant think of how to progress the story from here in a narrative way and since I have to hit the hay right now I will stop here for today. So more to come

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try breaking the conversation up with character movements and the like eg."The Greenskins are a moving through the mountains." grumbled a heavy set dwarf in heavy iron armour as he shifted the wait of his hammer from on sholuder to the other.

hope this helps

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Well I had to rush to get that down before I had to go to sleep but it doesnt matter now as I cant think of how to progress this like a story from here.

Besides it would take a few chapters to write the rest in a narrative way so I'll just say what happens.

The slayers met with Zhufbar throng and they travel to Black Blood Pass.
When they get there they discover a city with a golden gate guarding the pass. The dwarfs then decend to the pass to find a small band of dwarves there. The city dwarves explain that there clan has been guarding the pass for years to guard the mines of iron, gems, and most importantly gromril. The greenskins then came to city and the slayers, city dwarfs, and the dwarfs of Zhufbar defend the city and ultimately win, at the cost of the cities original defenders. The king of the city, with his dieing breath, appoints the leader of the dwarf throng the king of Dazrak Zorn and the slayers decided to stay after they found out what creatures continualy attack the city. The city of Dazrak Zorn now had new defenders and a new level of prosperity. Dazrak Zorn eventually became like a normal city with traders and even dwarf
families moved in.

Name: Dazrak Zorn
Location: between the Rib Peaks and Mount Gunbad
Color: still cant decide

Glorik Blackbrow, King of Dazrak Zorn

M 3
WS 7
BS 5
S 4
T 5
W 4
I 4
A 3
Ld 10

Points: 500

Weapons & Armor: Hammer and Winged Helm of Thengim, Armor and Sheild of Kenfrim, and Oathstone of Dazrak Zorn

Royal Blood

Hammer and Winged Helm of Thengim: The Hammer of Thengim is gifted with the Master Rune of Flight and The Winged Helm of Thengim is gifted with the Master Rune of Kingship

Armor and Sheild of Kengrim: The Armor of Kengrim counts as Gromril Armor and the Sheild is gifted with the Rune of Iron.

Oathstone Dazrak Zorn: This counts as a normal Oathstone except that it is not required that Glorik always issue a challenge in Close Combat, but he still must meet any challenge.

btw Glorik there is the NEW king and the items were given to him at the request of the former king and king's son

and varn that did help and I hope to write the actual story soon.
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