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Right, so uni is almost about to have its Christmas break and I have managed to spend some time doing something other than uni work over the last few weeks (ish). I have some dwarf quarrellers to show first of all.

I made some greenstuff bases, then I decided to make stamps from them, and it worked pretty well. Next I needed to make twelve bases. This would have used an awful amount of greenstuff, so I used milliput instead. Didn't need much off it, dried overnight and actually had enough to do sixteen bases. Here are some pictures:

I'm not amazingly happy about the grey stones. I was unsure how to highlight them and they are a bit rushed, as you'll see in the picture. But, it looks OK.

Now. On to the dwarfs. I ended up with twelve quarrellers in the end, with shields. The pictures have once against changed the turquoise to green (still no idea why it does this), but you'll get the idea of how they look. I don't plan to use the shields GW made them with as I dislike the embossed symbols. Instead I am hoping to use the older shields, minus the boss, and hand paint on my army's runic badge.

So, I have two challenges.

  • What conversions are in the unit?
  • What does the runes mean?

If you know these, or can get close to them, I'll give you some rep love. :p

Also, see my blog for more pictures and other ol' toss from me. :)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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