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Core Troops
Warriors- These are our most basic troops.They can be used one of two ways. You can equip them with shields, to give them 5+ Parry saves, make them 5+ ranks deep and you have a solid anvil unit. Or you can equip them with Great Weapons and gain Strength 6 on the charge and strength 5 all other times for a decent hammer unit. You are going to have to choose if you want to benefit from a Parry save or +1 Strength on the Charge. I am more inclined to point people to Great Weapons, because Warriors are only Initiative 2 and we are going to be going last anyway, might as well pack a serious punch.

Longbeards- Our elite Core troops. I say elite because even if you only give them a shield they are only 1 point less than Ironbreakers who are better at being an anvil or if you give them Great Weapons they are the same price as Hammerers who are way better at being a hammer unit. Now most people compare Longbeards to Warriors and rightfully so they can perform the same tasks and both are Core choices, but is gaining +1 WS, +1 Strength, and Immune to Psychology worth the 4 point price hike. Fear and Terror aren’t what they use to be and most of your army will be within 12" of the General, which has Leadership 10, or the BSB, which will allow you to re-roll on that Leadership 10. We are an elite army and we need bodies to win battles. Let Hammerers and Ironbreakers be our elite troops.

Quarrelers- Quarrelers are what Lothern Seaguard are suppose to be. They have the range, the punch, and if charged the tools to see off most troops. We did lose our passive +1 to hit, but we still can stand-and-shoot without penalty. Quarrelers have the toughness to go toe-to-toe in a shooting match, and still be able to fight. The choice between Shields or Great Weapons is dependent on play style, but Great Weapon Quarrelers have alot of utility by being able to shoot at light troops effectively and stand a chance in combat against heavier armored enemies. Above I mentioned how we are an elite army and once we start getting into the 13 or 14 points per model our army size gets smaller. Quarrelers are going to be doing something every round, either shooting or close combat. Where as other units may never see combat and have no ranged weapons.

- Thunderers perform almost the same role as Quarrelers. They are however better at dealing with heavily armored troops, but at less range. Where a Quarreler can shoot first turn, most of the time, a Thunderer may have to wait a round. A trade off, but with the extra punch can see off may units before they can even make it to our battle line. What Thunderers don’t have is access to great weapons, thus limiting them to only being truly effective at range. With shields and enough ranks they can tarpit long enough to get a flank charge in.

Hammerers- If you are trying to hit someone with a ton of bricks look no further. Hammerers are well hammer units. With 2 strength 7 attacks on the charge, 6 all other times, Hammerers break enemy units. The only draw back is only having heavy armor, but if Hammerers get a chance to swing things go very badly for those on the receiving end. The reason they are a Gold unit and not Green is because they have access to 75 point Runic standards. Most smart players would just shoot, redirect, or just flat out avoid Hammerers the whole game, but throw a Banner on them that makes all units within 12" Stubborn or grant +1 Combat Resolution to all units within 12" and the enemy must seek them out. These guys also Have Stubborn so you can go wide with them to get more attacks and not worry about rank bonuses just the carnage to will cause. A good consideration is to put your BSB with Master Rune of Grungi in this unit so that more Hammerers get into combat.

Ironbreakers- Probably one of the best combat units in the game Ironbreakers can go toe-to-toe with most other combat troops. Strength 5 on the Charge, strength 4 all other time Ironbreakers hit hard. 3+ Armor saves and 5+ Parry saves all the time Ironbreakers take hard hits on the chin and keep coming. Throw a Thane on an Oathstone so they get Parry save even fighting Flank or Rear Charges or put a Runesmith with a Great Weapon for added punch and defense against Magic. With Leadership 10 these guys do not need to be near the General for his Leaderhip, but you might want to hang close to the BSB if things do go bad.

- I like Slayers I really do. With minimal investment these guys can kill high Toughness Monsters, by wounding anything on a 4+. Slayer Axes are great too, 2 Hand weapons or Great Weapons offers great utility. The major downside is no armor. You can alleviate this with Master Rune of Grungi so that they have a chance to get into combat, but once there they are going to die in droves. Use them in smaller units to Flank Charge for best results.

Miners- Take a Warrior armed with a Great Weapon and give him Ambush and you have a Miner. Only problem is when you Ambush you most likely will be away from the rest of your army. If you do want to hunt War Machines you have to invest enough points to survive a round of shooting and again you are going to be left out in the cold away from any kind of relief.

- In the right hands a Cannon will earn its points back almost every time. People fear them and rightfully so, many knights and Monsters have been put down by a bouncing cannon ball. Add Rune of Forging for the Misfire you will undoubtedly roll and/ or Rune of Burning to get rid of those pesky Monsters with Regeneration.

Grudge Thrower- Where the Cannon offers pinpoint destruction the Grudge Thrower deals it to the masses. Cheap and effective,use the Grudge Thrower on big blocks of troops and watch the models come off the table. A good configuration for is GrudgeThrower with Rune of Penetrating, the added strength crosses the threshold to strength 4 to reasonably wound those toughness 4 troops out there.

Bolt Thrower
- Bolt Throwers function a lot like Cannons. They are effective at killing Monsters and Heavily armored troops alike. To make them even better give them Rune of Accuracy. You might want to field them in pairs, one with Rune of Penetrating and the other with Rune of Penetrating and Rune of Burning. This comes in just over one cannon and gives you 2 good shots at whatever you don’t want getting to your lines.

- Captain Sarathai in the High Elves forum coined the phrase Swiss-Army-Utility-Bird in reference to their Great Eagle. The Gyrocopter is Our Swiss-Army-Utility-Chopper. This unit has so much potential you can redirect, hunt War Machines, tie up Chaff units, ping lightly armored troops, even Flank or Rear Charge. The main thing it gives us is something that can move faster than 6” a Turn. At a low enough cost to be able to throw them away if needed, the Gyrocopter has its place in any army.

Organ Gun- Organ Guns got a lot better fromthe last book. Potentially pumping out 20 range 30” Strength 5 Armor piercing attacks is nothing to sneeze at. The downside is you have 2 chances to misfire,but the chart is not bad. You have to roll 2 Misfires, possible but not likely, to have drastic problems. They got a Gold rating because there are multiple ways to get around this, one is to put a Rune of Forging on them or let a Master Engineer call the shots. They do use their Ballistic skill so consider a Rune of Accuracy for them.

Flame Cannon-Use the Flame Cannon against tightly packed light Infantry. The range got better, but the effects are not up to par with other choices vying for the Rare slot. The best comparison for what it is trying to accomplish is a Grudge Thrower, which does the job better and cheaper.

Gyrobomber-These guys cost 45 points more than a Gyrocopter, but have more chances to do more damage. The bomb dropping rule is great, makes total sense to me, and still effective in the game. They do require investment on a model that will be operating ahead of the main army s obe careful they don’t end up in combat and they should gain their points back.

Irondrakes- The ranged cousin to Ironbreakers, Irondrakes suffer from Ballistic skill 3. Unlike other ranged troops in thea rmy Irondrakes will set you back quite a bit for a unit that doesn’t do a whole lot of damage. Yes they look awesome, Yes their guns are devastating, but you will most likely be firing at long range, range 18", for 5+ to hit, lets say 10 guys, that’s 3.33 hits, 2.77 wounds on toughness 3 and 2.22 wounds ontoughness 4. Not the best damage output, but when charged this gets way better,in fact most people will just not bother and take them out with Magic or Shooting.

- Think of Great Weapon armed Quarrellers scouting ahead of the army. Cool concept, but one that doesn’t pan out in abattle. Like Miners, Rangers get left out in to cold away from the rest of the army. Most of the time they will get some pop shots off and get charged, most likely run down because of the short legs and all, and you think why didn’t I take an Organ Gun instead.

Thanks for reading C&C welcome.

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