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I will battle a High Elf army pretty soon and was wondering what strategies are good against it. Our strong point, dispels, are useless against that lvl 4 wizard + book of something that gives him IF on doubles and no miscasts.
Also he likes dragon prices a lot ( >.> a little too much if you ask me, he's even calling them princesses :p ) so he might bring those + white lions and chariots.

So I was wondering what should I field against him in 1500pts ?

I thought about a grudge-thrower with the rune of accuracy&penetrating for bigger regiments and a cannon for sniping his mage/dragon princes. Oh and an organ gun of course. Also I'm thinking about a master engineer to stay with the grudge-thrower/cannon for better accuracy / damage respectively.

Also, as I haven't been playing much 8th edition, I was wondering how is the new army composition ? 25% core I know, but what about everything else ? What limitations exist now ?

Any advice is helpful, from what to field to what do to against such an army.
Last time I played him I had 7-8 dispel dice and never got to use one :\ so I'm a bit let down by the dwarf magic resistance :(


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Limits are:
Lords 25%
Heroes 25%
Core 25%+
Special 50% (up to 3 can be the same uint type unless playing 3000+pts in which case goes up to 6)
Rare 25% (up to 2 can be same unit type unless playing 3000+pts in which case goes up to 4)

Its all in the BRB.

First thing i would mark down on your list is a unit carrying a banner with MRo Grungni so you get a 5+ ward from all shooting for units within 6", magic or otherwise.
The i would look at a solid Runesmith with MRo Balance and Rune of Spellbreaking. its a nice all rounder and takes away his dice.
Magic res may be usefull to boost your ward if he shoots alot of magic missiles but save your points for now.

You will want some big units. i sugest warriors with great weapons at 30 strong. they will munch T3 elves even if he is striking first as you will still get to hit back.
A big unit of thunders /quarrelers with shields and fullcommand will make him think twice about getting too close aswell when 20 S4 shots start heading his way, backed up with a dwarf in combat.

When i know im facing someone fast moving and intends to use cavalry i take a cannon/bolt thrower with rune of immolation and leave it relatively ungarded at the end of my line/on the flank. hopefully and more often than not they charge it for some easy victory points, kill the crew who maybe drop on of them in combat and then i blow it up and make a mess of thier unit (dragon princes).

Not much else i can sugest im affraid.
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