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Dwarves Idea

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I may begin a Dwarf army and I must say out of all the options they are my favorite overall. As in the units are excellent, story/flavor-wise they are awesome, and I don't hate the way the models look.

Some armies I like have glaring weaknesses, or perhaps they are quite lame or the models don't look too great. But not with dwarves.

So the thing is, to think up a really cool paint job for my army, I decided the regular metal color for metal parts. Probably utlizing all three Mithril Silver, Chainmal, and Boltgun Metal. For ALL non-metal parts, I thought it would be cool to have an uniform color (thereby having an army that is all metal and one unified color) and chose white because it's clean, matches well with metallics and pretty much any color, and I don't hate it. Silver and white seemed plain so I will step it up by adding gold colored borders/trim/design to the edges of the cloth, etc.

The thing where I need help is: would painting leather parts white be a good idea? White leather may look strange, but it is uniform and it's weird to have brown leather sticking out. The dwarves beards will all be grey or white, so...saves paint too.

Now to get to the point: if anyone has played or seen Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or Frozen Throne, you should recall that one of the most commonly seen Dwarves is the Rifleman. He wears a cloak and carries a gun. I was thinking of putting hoods on my Thunderers so they look exactly like Warcraft Riflemen. Is it possible to make hoods out of green stuff? And if so, how would I go about doing it, because I think the heads are too big for it.

My thunderers can have cool white hoods with gold lace and it seems like a pretty cool idea and helps emphasize the White/Gold theme of my army.

If any advice or anyone has some experience with the new Dwarf miniatures I would much appreciate your insight.
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Thorgrim... two ways of doing it. make a GS hood right over it or cut the top/back of the head off with a dremmel tool or saw and then GS the hood around the face and what is left. But it sounds like a pretty good idea.

GSing a hood should be easy.

I GSed a converted doomseeker and a few tips:

1. keep your sculpting tools clean with some water and a cloth. A little petroleum jelly will keep the GS from sticking to the tools and make the sculpt smooth easier.

2. Have a desk lamp near by to spead up the drying process for the GS.

3. only mix a little GS at a time. It doesn't take much.

Finally I think your leather idea sounds good. have you thought of trying to dip your army in minwax? Seems 'dipping' is the current craze and it makes a model look pretty good to.
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