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This set has been sold. Please DELETE it. B-)

Hiya guys, we are new here and this is our first sale thread there, so: the Empire / Ork mash up 10-terrain pieces set is on sale.
Apparently, the Orks have taken over this Empire military facility (as well as others in the set) and claimed the big bomb for themselves.
These pieces consist of: the nuke center, the promethium refinery, two worker's facility / ruined houses, silo / sniper tower, the gothic factory/chapel, two pipe lines/ barricades as well as two shooting targets / barricades.

Usually people just take a quick look, so posting a few pics for terrains with many details such as these would be counterproductive. So, please, take a look at what we have to offer at our eBay store:

Bear in mind that soon enough we'll be releasing another set (Nocturne/Salamander / Lava terrains).

Thanks for looking, feel free to ask for more info. :in-love:8)
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