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Effective vs. Crons?

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Hi all. Long-time reader, first time poster.
Next week my Sororitas force will be facing the Necrons. We've played each other a few times before, at 500 points. Now we're at 1300 pts, and all of the sudden the game's a lot different. He'll be fielding a Monolith, Immortals, Wraiths and Destroyers in addition to the Lord and the basic troops, but I have a lot more to choose from as well.

I have a few questions that may be rather basic, but here goes.

1) The Exorcist against a Necron Lord with Veil of Darkness. Is it even worth it to bring it along? Seems like at best it'd get one volley off, maybe two (allowing for dice). I like keeping my list all-comers, but tanks really seem like a points sink vs. these guys.

2) Deployment. I know it's hard to answer without army composition specifics and variable terrain, but if anyone has any general tips for deployment strategies vs. the Lord and the Monolith I'd be grateful.

I'm planning on arming each squad with 2 flamers, vss with an eviscerator, and hoping that the emperor will divinely guide my templates. I also plan on keeping a solo jump pack canoness w/blessed weapon and cloak, and a squad of seraphim behind the lines to try to counter-charge the Lord with VOD, wraiths and the Destroyers. Alternately, I could keep a squad of Arcos for that purpose, but I don't have any squads I want a priest in. Either way, it seems like a lot of points to keep my basic troops firing - is this a viable strategy?

Sorry for writing a novel here, and thanks.
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1) Against necrons I would always bring an excorcist, it really hurts anything outside of res. orb range.

2) Necrons generally deploy in blocks around the lord to maximise res. orb coverage, I would spread your forces out a little to try to attack the flanks. It is a very bad idea to charge head on into the blocks of warriors as you will lost to rapid fire.

Destroyers should be prime targets along with the immortals and lord. Wraiths will try to run up flanks and pin down units, do not let this happen for it thay can be a real pain to shift.

I really wouldn't worry about the monolith as its slow, too heavily armoured for you to really hurt it.

Necrons hate power weapons when the lord isn't about so a few won't hurt.

Necron lords are very resilient but aren't that great in combat, if you charge him with anything that is half decent in CC he will probably die, though the lord will either hang around with the warriors or VoD the immortals, in that case they need to die as they will tear your army apart with their guns.

Hope this helps.
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it would help if you could post your current list. but i say go with the arco's, they'll take care of the lord and whatever he brings along. Your key strategy will be to knock out whatever comes through on the turn they come out. Against necrons u need to focus your firepower on single units, making the army more able to be handled.
Hmm, if I knew I was going against a Cron player I'd bring as Sisters:

- 2 Exorcists and a Retribution squad with Heavy Bolters. (True, if you fire the Exorcist at the Monolith you need a 6 to do anything, but if you do roll that 6, it WILL be a Penetrating hit)
- Callidus Assassin
- Inq (required for above)
- A seraphim squad
- Troops, lots of troops.

I might also consider bringing some allied Grey Knight Termies. Those things will utterly mow through Necron warriors in cc (all power weapons, no WBB unless the Orb is nearby).
*edited for grammar*

Although I'm still trying out different numbers and unit combinations, I was initially planning on a list something like this...

Models: 55
Starting Faith: 7

Canoness with Jump Pack, Blessed Weapon, Cloak of St. Aspira, maybe Litanies of Faith

Arco-Flagellants X 5

Celestian CC Squad
Sisters X 10
Flamer X 2
VSS with Eviscerator, Book of St. Lucius
Priest with Power Armor, Eviscerator


SOB Squad A
Sisters X 11
Flamer X 2
VSS with Eviscerator, Book of St. Lucius

SOB Squad B
Sisters X 11
Flamer X 2
VSS with Eviscerator, Book of St. Lucius

Fast Attack:

Seraphim Squad B
Sisters X 8
TL Inferno Pistols X 2
VSS with Eviscerator, Book of St. Lucius


Sisters X 10
Heavy Bolters X 4
VSS with Bolter, Book of St. Lucius
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dropthe power armour on the preist as it will only come into play when he's being speciffically targetted and usally thats a good thing
You may find the heavy bolters arn't going to be very effective against necron, if you replaced it with an exorcist it will ignor his regular armour save as well as his get back up rule. Also try maxing out that squad of acros, power weapons are the bane of the necron force, unless he has a lord near by. All in all your army doesn't seem badly suited against necrons.
Heiromyo said:
You may find the heavy bolters arn't going to be very effective against necron, if you replaced it with an exorcist it will ignor his regular armour save as well as his get back up rule. Also try maxing out that squad of acros, power weapons are the bane of the necron force, unless he has a lord near by. All in all your army doesn't seem badly suited against necrons.
Divine Guidance.
yes i knew full well about divine guidance when i made that post tyvm :p
First of all you need a 6, and second they still get their get back up roll, which makes the exorcist a more pernament killer.

[Edit] Now that I think about it, I think that line was rather insulting though you probably didn't mean it :p
If your opponent has any sense he'll use the Monolith as a pie plate dropper. It's really the only weapon the Necrons have that can hurt the Sisters. They simply don't have any AP3 weapons apart from a few 1-shotters. These don't give any return worth speaking of when all they're doing is killing low point value Battle Sisters. Sheer volume of shots is not effective against the Sisters, they're too well armoured and too cheap. Necron warriors are no match for the Sisters in a close range firefight.

There are three tactics to follow I think. Kill the Monolith, kill the Lord and force phase out. This can be done in any order but I'd be inclined to do them in that one. The Monolith can be taken down best with a pair of Exorcists. The Lord can be slain by a charge from a Canoness and an Eviscerator wielding VSS Celestian or Seraphim. Necron warriors can be DG'ed to death. If your opponent has Heavy Destroyers, Tomb Spiders or a Flying Lord then these are a good target for an Exo volley, ahead even of the Monolith.

Above all you need to as rapidly as possible knock out all the things which support the warriors, using your assault troops and fire support. The battle squads can handle the warriors, but not if they're being subjected to a bombardment while they're doing it. If you ignore everything and just go for phaseout then the Necron player will keep the warriors going with the Res Orb and Monolith, while rapidly thinning your Sisters ranks. Warriors can be a firepower sponge. They're pricey but not nearly as much as other things in the army, and very resilient. Without support though they lack the firepower to defeat an enemy by themselves due to not having any special or heavy weaponry.
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I have quite regularly faced crons and to be honest, with what you are describing (lord, immortals, destroyers, wraiths, monolith) I would be rubbing my hands in glea.

He is using a lot fo expensive models here, I would guess that he is probably fielding around 25 or so warriors, which would mean his total army size is around 35 if you kill 24 then you have phased him out. The key then is to kill the easiest 24 you can fins (effectively the warriors. Keys to this are, exorcists, wtill well worth taking, has excellent range, and will worry him re the monolith, although in reality you are not much of a threat.
Loads and Loads of sisters. your flagelents I would be wary of, not cos they can not be effective against crons, they can be very effective, but accordingly he will target them, you may find they rapidly get peppered.

this is a case for ammassd bolter fire, with divine guidance where possible, eviscerators should be peppered over your VSS as you have done.

Try and avoid close combat, even with celestians this is risky, your T and S make you a much easier target for him than he is for you.

Dont get distracted. particularly in the second half of the game, focus on phasing him out and you should get there
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lots of bolters and flamers especially the flamers these with devine guidence will make his smile fade very quickly although that can be sed for all armies
Absolutley, I have to say that sisters have teh unusual honour of not realyl having to change their army list much to cope with most opponents, this certainly applies to necrons, most armies are primerally configured to deal with MEQs and crons fall valiantly into the MEQ bracket
thanks everyone for your input!
Sounds like maybe my initial misgivings about the Exorcists were unfounded.
I was a little nervous because I'd seen his army clean up last week vs. a different mechanized opponent, but I think I'll do pretty well.
I fought a necron army last night and frankly beat the ever living pants off him, rep is up in the forum. Be aware, he deployed very badly which pretty much gave me the battle, also although I took a mechanised force, cos that is what I play, there is no reason why a foot force could not have beat the pants off him except for being a little less able to escape the monolith and possibly being less capable of exploiting his poor deployment
Well, I changed my list up (took out the priest and the arcos [425 points!], added another squad of sisters and an Exorcist) and it paid off bigtime.

We were playing search and destroy, and for some reason he hadn't given his lord the VOD, which threw me off (I had anticipated him teleporting in on the first turn and deployed accordingly).

Turn one, exorcist fires 5 missiles at his Heavy Destroyer, completely failing to wound.
Turn two, six missles at the Heavy Destroyer, obliterating it.
Turn three, six missiles at a squad of Wraiths, obliterating them.
Turn four, six missiles at a squad of Pariahs, killing one.
Turn five and turn six spent trying to nuke his Monolith, the result of which was one weapon destroyed. Yay - one less unit affected by the stupid arc flux hibbety-jibbety. Bah.

Overall, the Exorcist more than paid for itself - I probably wouldn't have won without it. Thanks for the advice - I'm sold on it.

*edited for grammar*
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One other point - just remember that almost all of the Necron weapons (including the Monolith) are 24" range or less. Choose your army to defeat this (Exorcists, HBs etc)

Also, I'd be inclined to take a Rhino or two (the squad that owns it never gets in) to use as lead blockers for my Seraphim/Arcos.
lard said:
Overall, the Exorcist more than paid for itself - I probably wouldn't have won without it. Thanks for the advice - I'm sold on it.
Glad to hear it worked, but I can't see why his destroyers didn't get a shot in.

Destroyers shoot 36" and move 12", which is an effective range of 48".
The table is only 48" wide, and all setups except one use long edge deployment.
To make things worse, Destroyers are Fast Attack, so they are always going to deploy after your Exorcist. 3 Destroyers have a very good chance of turning off your Exorcist on turn 1.

I'm not saying don't take it. I'm just saying that a shootout with Destroyers can be dicey.
I think I might take an HK missile with me next time I use an Exorcist. I hate it when it gets "Weapon Destroyed" and sits there like it's castrated.
Not half as dicey as a shoot-out with the usual lascannons. Heavy Destroyers have to rush forward, exposing themselves, due to shorter range. An Exo can stay in cover first turn, then move out and fire. That's one of the Exo's advantages, move and fire at full effect. Then Heavy Destroyers are 1 model, not 6 Marines or 10 Guardsmen, which makes it far easier to destroy them with a single volley from the Exo. I'd much rather shoot it out with HD's. The Necrons just don't have anything to compare to the long-range AT capability of some other armies.
Red - he only had one Destroyer, and he did rush out and get a shot off (killed a ret with a heavy bolter). After which I walloped it with six missiles.

I understand that a shootout between the Exorcist and any long-range or fast high-strength unit is dicey, which is why I wasn't sure that bringing armor was going to be worthwhile. I think the fact that it worked out for me was due more to my opponent's inexperience than anything else. He'll probably never target my heavy bolters over my tanks again.
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