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I've searched the forum and can't find what I'm looking for so here it goes.

I've played the 'ardboyz list now many times, and I hooked. This weekend I'm throwing in the effigy for the first time to make a more magical version of an already tough list.

So how is it deployed? I mean does it have to stay in your deployment zone? I know its stationary and that limits how far I can go (24" I think) before I get out of range.

Any useful (or useless) tips or advice for someone using the effigy for the first time?

Here's a quick idea of what I'm fielding:

Borgut or blorc big boss
20 Blorcs
20 Blorcs
23 boyz biguns
16 arrer boyz
3 stone trolls
hero on boar to accompany trolls
lvl 2 shaman perhaps mounted
12 boar boyz biguns

I'll be up against lizardmen, vamp counts, and maybe dwarves. If that matters. Thanks
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your effigy is just like a terrain piece, however it typically is placed in the orc players deployment zone. i figuire the fair way is to place it before either player puts anything down on the table. however, if you think about it put it as far forwards in your deployment zone as you can to benefit from the range.
K' thanks Mouse

Heres' my revised list, tell me what you think.

1500 pts.
Blorc big boss - dead 'ard armor, extra weapon
Orc big boss - mounted, armor of gork, ench shield
Lvl 2 Shaman - mounted, double doodahs, itty ring
12 Boar boyz - biguns, full cmd
23 Blorcs - extra weapon, full cmd
23 blorcs - extra weapon, full cmd
3 Trolls - stoned

The mounted boss is to accompany the trolls, hes got a 1+ save and can reroll failed saves
The Blorc boss to support the two blorc units, 1+ save here also
Shaman to hang around where the fighting is thickest to get the most extra dice
Boar boyz to do what they do best

I'm hoping the extra magic will help to make up for such a low model count list, with the banners and all.
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Is the effigy indestructable? If it is can you place it in the middle of the battlefield for maximum coverage of it's effect?
The effigy is indestructible, however since it has effects that benefit the orc player then it would be severely unfair to place it in the middle. you would need to read the rules in storm of chaos for clearer effects.
I am pretty sure it has to be deployed in the orc deployment zone. Probably sticking in the middle of your zone as far forward as it will go is best, or to either side if you are planning to load a flank as that will keep your key units in range of it for longer.
Storm of chaos book doesn't mention where and how do deploy it, that's the reason for this post.
So know one actually uses the effigy? I know someone has, come on guys speak up.
Is it deployed, like Mouse says, before anything else? Or as a rare choice, since it takes up one of those slots on the force chart? :unsure:
If it occupies a rare slot then it should be deployed with the other rares, also it would have to be deployed in the orc players deployment zone as it doesn't have the scouting special rule.
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