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Eldar and Chaos vs Chaos

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I'm a pretty big fan of gunline eldar, especially in multiplayer. Here are some suggestions.

Eldrad is a must for a gunline. Having a falcon to put him in is pretty key as well. However, I don't think your warlocks will end up doing much. Sure, they're there to melee something if you get charged, but that's part of why you have a MEQ partner.

The guardian squads you have look great. In higher point cost gunlines, I sometimes use pathfinders and sit em in a covered objective, but in 1k points you're better off with guardians.

I don't personally have war walkers, but if I did I think I'd try to either set em up in cover with scatter lasers, or outflank them with shuriken cannons. They seem a bit squishy to be spending as many points as you have sunk into them. I'm not saying you absolutely must convert them to be anti-infantry, this is just speculation from looking at them. However, if you find a good piece of cover, I could see them being really effective with Eldrad giving them guide and fortune every turn.

Just as a note, I personally have very little luck with ranged vehicle killing. I usually deal with heavier vehicles by using fire dragons in serpents or a jetbike seer council. Lighter vehicles usually will go down with mass scatter laser/shuricannon fire. I almost never have EMLs or bright lances. Our more effective (and cost-efficient) long range units have multiple shots and mid-range strength, I have more success by massing these and finding other ways to counter heavy armor.

Consider adding in some dark reapers. My gunlines usually have a squad of 5 (no exarch) and I park em in cover near the Eldrad falcon for guides, dooms and fortunes. They eat marines alive.

Hope this helped, good luck!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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