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Okay, be gentle. I haven't been painting for all that long (well, actual painting time anyway) and I had this grand idea for like a magma inspired theme. I think it will look pretty good on the table top from a distance, but up close, you can see the fubars. I have been trying to get my army painted more for a league, and don't want to play with unpainted stuff. I think I rushed it a bit.

My idea was to have the areas between the armor and body like magma, and the armor and body look like ash/charcoal you might see in a fireplace.

Some of the detail is hard to see in the pic, but the runes and the like are all boltgun metal and the highlights on the body and armor are grey.

Avatar Front

Avatar Side

Avatar Back

I imagined the sword as being an ebony blade, but still need to highlight it. I also want to highlight the metallic runes. Ideas?
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Err, if they are meant to be links its not happening, you need at least the [/img] brackets at the end.


That is really cool, maybe if the eyes were red/orange they would stand out better, I feel that would look better. Either way that is an awesome paint job!
That is very good, you have some nice blending with that fiery orange / yellow

I would suggest making some eyes the same colour as you have the chest and legs (fiery)

overall great , add some more hints of colour in the other areas and you'll have on kick ***

Good Job (Y)
Very nice indeed.
I agree with the others on making the eyes 'flaming hot' as it would stand out better.
A suggeestion on the runes is also to paint them 'flamin' as it would look a lot better and have a better contrast to the rest of the model.
But still a job very well done!
flaming runes would be a really nice addition to the sword,i agree.the blue gemstones work as a nice contrast to the red aswell.Personally, i think the tall head piece should be red and orange too, like the reast of the model, and maybe something more could be done with the base, although it is better than most bases you see around.Well done.

The chest glyph and the legs are too prominent. You'll need something to draw attention to the head.
Nice job on the flames/lava!
I think the head and the runes on the sword would benefit from the flame/lava thing, as they look a little boring and dark compared to the rest of the model.
Nice job overall with everything, the 'fiery effect' looks great along with the charcoal effect.
One more thing, where is the hair?

Great model. :yes:
For table top standards you can't really complain. You have a clean looking model and it should work for you.

Some things I would look at if you are looking to improve upon him - I would build up your color transition for the lava effect more gradually. Right now it looks like 2 maybe 3 colors and you can really see the lines separating the colors. I would use thinner paint which will help blend the edges better and I would go much much lighter to an almost white in the hottest areas.

Maybe spend a little bit more time picking out the little details so they don't blend in so much with the darker colors. Take your highlights at least one shade lighter and you will see a big improvement.

Remember - thin paints are your friend. It is better to apply a few layers of thin paint rather than 1 layer of thick paint.


I think the only thing I would change is give him fiery eyes, I like the contrast between the coldness of most of the avatar and then the fiery marking on him, I think you should leave it how it is, and just give him brighter eyes... He almost looks like he was just summoned from a statue or something, and he is just coming to life... It looks awesome.

Thanks for the help guys!

I think I will plan on redoing his eyes.

I recently discovered this Tamiya ink/varnish that is really wicked cool.

I added some highlights to the sword that came out pretty good. I'll try to post them after I redo the eyes.

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