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Eldar HQ idea

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I've been fighting against several imperial HQ's and that dreaded DE HQ. Those things have a real tendacy to be like 25% of that army's power. I thought it would be fun to make a close combat champion for eldar aswell. I know we don't need it and that we can do fine with the others but I don't care I like this one aswell. I want it to stay eldary and not be totally overpowered. Also it had to fit in the eldar way of thinking so no 2+ saves!

I thought maybe since eldar can folow many paths to make a mixture of two, edit it a bit and gert somehting nasty. :)

So I thought about a eldar that went the path of the scorpion (so he has to be strong) and also the path of the warlock/farseer (so he has to be smart).

Now as to not make it to powerfull i didn't want lot's of powerfisty attacks but more like LOT's of attacks at his normal strenght. Being four that can still be rather nasty.

Then I got the idea of making it a pair. Two models as an HQ, both equal. And to make this work better as an idea they should have some rules that work only if they're still together or maybe when one dies.

I quickly started to see an Avatar forming only normal sized and with a friend so i tried to make it different from an Avatar.

This is the statline I came up with:
Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Save
4 4 4 3 2 5 2 10 4++

Remember there are two of these so there is a total of 4 wounds with Tougness 3. Even with the rune armour they're not the best protected things out there.

Now to take advantage of their strenght let's not give them witchblades and make it useless (and to much like a warlock).

I was thinking of either a power weapon and a SP or a CCW, a SP and power blades. That way they're really getting those attacks.

Ok so let's make them toolable.

This would be the standard:

Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Save
4 4 4 3 2 5 2 10 4++

With Power weapon and Sp.
Fearless of course.

Together costing 80 points, a nice variation for an Avatar.

Then to make it more unyou can tool them with:
enhance 15 points.
crushing blow 10 points.
powerblades 15 points.

But to make it really fun they have to both take (and pay for) the same upgrades. So if you want powerblades and crushing blow, you're paying +25 points per model coming to +50 total. (remember enhance doesn't stack!)

So for 160 points you can field a:
Weapon skill 5
Strenght 5
Initiative 6
8 (4*2) attacks

Close combat monster.

Is this not eldary, overpowered (underpowered?) HQ? Should it maybe be a special character, should they get jetbikes? Give me your opinion.
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I like your Idea about 2 of them, but I think I would at least give them the scorpion 3+ armor and the 4+ rune armor since they are only T:3 : 3+/4+ and would these guys count as an IC or a squad in it's self that can't attach to a squad. If they count as an IC would the warlock powers transfer to a whole squad they attach too?

Keep it how you have it but add any 2-3 exarch powers , any 2-3 warlock powers and any 1-2 exarch weapons. This way they can be more customizable and don't have to be scorpion types.
That might be an idea. Allthough I'm afraid of people going sustained assualt and surprised assualt on it. And that's just ouchie.

I say IC status, maybe make em not joinable so you can't stick a farseer with fortune in it.

Als owhat about letting them have jetbikes? 25 points each? Finally something usefull on a jetbike.
Yeah that seems cool, 50pts is alot to mount them though It sounds like a good option though.

What about hawk wings? Possibly make them DS able?

S-Assault is pretty nasty maybe disable that one (also you have to have hawk wings to gain that ability anyways) and defend, but suprise assualt seems cool, just gives u an extra +1 attack on assualt, and makes sense if they are an HQ leading a squad.
Please use the stickied thread furthest up in the forum for these kinds of discussions.

Stop posting here or I'll tell on you to Cheredanine. :diespam:
I dont think that shadygodofdeath was making a suggestion for the next codex. I think he just wanted to share a random idea he made up. Although it does have a place in the sticky thread because i think its quite a cool idea for a special character (although in this case characters).
heh.. well all i'd say they'd just need an Special Super Exarch for HQ. That isn't neccessarily specific.
So I have to close the thread?
shadygodofdeath said:
So I have to close the thread?
You can continue to discuss it in the "New codex"-thread, or simply label this as a house rule suggestion and carry on here.
Ok lets label it and continue here (I'm not writing that entire first post again :/)

Well I think letting you choose out of every exarch power you want would be a little to hard since the exarch powers are TOO variated. But either giving them wings or sticking em on a bike would be nice. Maybe we should make a list with usefull (not overpowered) exarch and psychic powers that a close combat duo can have.
It would be more variating and interesting like that, but some people might feel a little to similar to Tyranids...not all....but possibly some....
Well we wpuldn't give it talons, large teeth, oversized head and scales but I get what you mean. The idea of making it very variable is cool, but can be dodgy.

Ok let's get things going.

2 models have to be bought together

Ws 4
Bs 4
S 3
T 3(4)
W 2
I 5
A 2
Ld 10
Save 3+/4++

On a jetbike with powerblades and a ccw and sp.

This should be a decent base. (notice how I gave it S3 again)

Now to get his really narly they need upgrades. As it stands now it is a fast unit which can wallop a decent punch (remember there are two of these!). It can withstand some small arms but not to much.

To make this nasty it needs either a higher Ws or S or both.

For the S part Burning fist (which rerolls to wound) or crushing blow (+1 S) are the best choices.
For the weapon skill only enhance is there.

Instead of improving either S or Ws we could just give him lot's of more attacks aswell.

Surprise assualt is the only one that can do that. (sustained assualt needs hawk wings)

We could always improve the statline to the exarch's Ws 5 Bs 5. I don't thing we should give them witchblades and powerblades cause that's a bit to frightening.
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i believe heavily in the more correct way of creating armies. a warrior who has followed the path for that long is not going to become a good leader. his only way of leading would be by example, which an avatar would be much better at being the incarnation of a god. The warrior(s) would never be allowed to lead anyway as in the democratic eldar ways he would not really have the power as he/they would lack the charisma to hold sway in court.

I do like the idea of the two warriors but believe they would be better suited as an elites choice or, fully tooled up, special characters.
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