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Elven Fortress

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I have done searches with Google, and looked here at LO, and I have discovered that there is a surprising lack of High Elf scenery around. I have been considering building a citadel for my Elf army, and I wondered if anyone had any useful ideas as to decent materials and things for this type of project.

The basic plan is a sort of keep, made up mostly of tall towers, with a circular wall, possibly will smaller towers spaced regularly around it. Any hep will be greatly appreciated.
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I would go for circular towers, as GW did for their elven fortress, tapering slightly towards the top.
All the descriptions say that they appear to 'grow from the living rock itself', so a base of some sort would probably look good, rather than just being placed onto the table directly.
As to how you would get a circular tapered tower...
I honestly have no (good) ideas.
the way the company made those towers was to get some 50mm pink polystyrene (extruded)

availiable in the uk.

the rest of the world.

and to draw out the basic shape cut this out and sand the shape to do this we used different cut out sizes of half crescent shapes as templates for the width of the tower at different points (its best to draw out a full size version of the tower on paper then take the measurements from this).

then you repeat the process for the other half of the tower.

remember that the whole immage of elven scenery should be slim yet gracefull, but that the elves weren't adversed to using block straight lines in their structures either.

but these should be a type of prisme shape.

any other ideas you need or how to's then don't hesitate to ask.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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