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Emperor's Children Kill Team (160 and friendly, of course!)

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[rant]I've been thinking about getting a kill team for me and decided that EC would be the best candidate.

Black Legion is the most varied and potentially fluffiest, but to make a good KT would mean breaking too many laws.
The Undivided legions are interesting fluff-wise, but that's where the differences between the KT members end.

World Eaters KT sounds to me like an oxymoron.
Ork Brute 1: "Wat? Me heard somebodies screaming out dere."
Ork Brute 2: "Dat must be the Bloody Khornies sneaking around"
Sgt. Redmaw: "We've got to destroy that forcefield generator. We'll require a lot of finesse to get past these guards. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!"

Thousand Sons break too many laws.

Death Guard is great fluff-wise, but EC are even better.[/rant]

Ahem... Got carried away. My list.

Everyone has a Mark of Slaanesh.

Corporal Syringa Venenatus (Drug addict)
-Combat Drugs
-Power Weapon (power needle)
-CCW (powerless needle)

Private Sonitus Seniorius (Elder brother, Chaos Noise Rock musician)

Private Sonitus Inferiorius (Younger brother, talentless CNR musician)
-Sonic Blaster (broken, stuck in its assault mode if the opponent doesn't allow breaking the immutable law)

Private Adflictatio (Sadist)
-BP & CCW (whip)

Private Calidus (Alcoholic and fornicator)
-Bolter & CCW (covered with glass shards)

158 points total

Should be fun to model, but will it be fun to play? What do you think?
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