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I really like this list. I always thought that of all the single god chaos armies, slaanesh was the best because noise marines can do well in either CC or shooting.

You really can't go wrong with your HQ and HS choices. Only thing I would consider for your troops would be to possibly get rid of the sonic blasters on your CC squads. If your guys are going to be in combat, they're not getting much use out of their awesome guns. Now I'm not exactly sure what you'd do with those extra points.

Something else you could try is to outfit one of those raptor squads to fight infantry. Give them 2 flamers, and give the champ lightning claws. This will allow him to make use of his I5, and with those lash princes you could pull some poor squad right in front of them, bunch that squad up and go to town with the flamers and then charge. Of course, that would leave you somewhat hurting for anti-tank, but it's something to consider.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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