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Empire Battle Standard Bearer Banner Design?

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I have just made a Battle Standard Bearer model (Standard bearer from command-sprue, with cloak sculpted on with GS), and I have no idea what sort of thing I should paint on the banner, I want it to be impressive looking, but simple to paint, and not too 'crowded' (Due in part to my current lack of freehand skills).
It is a Talabheim army, and the guy leading it is named Ferdinand Hellmann, here is a pic of the standard bearer, completed save for the banner.

The army is painted in the same scheme as the GW army (Red/White quartered).

Any reccomendations or advice on designs would be much appreciated.
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Maybe an inspirational message like "Men of Talabhiem, you shall know no defeat!" or something less crappy, and a few simple decals to jazz it up.
Sounds like something good to put on a scroll underneath the decal, but what sort of graphic should I use? I have seen a nice standard with a sword through a laurel-wreath, but I don't want to nick the idea :shifty:
Currently in a state of change as I find out what works, last battle I used two swordies, and some spearmen, all 19 strong. Each with 2 detacthments (8 halberds, 8 handguns). A few captains, a cannon/mortar, and a pegasus. (and wizards)
Maybe a sword and handgun crossed over, if you feel up to it.
I did a mockup in photoshop, and it doens't seem quite right. I may try what the guy in store suggested and do an eagle on a quartered red/white backdrop. Sounds like it could work well, I'm going to try a mockup soon.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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