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Hi all! This is a battle report that happened last week in GAMERS WORLD, an independent store near GW Dublin which I frequent semi-regularly. My 2000 pts Empire (consisting of my regular 1500pts list and a makeshift 500 pts reinforcements list(they changed their minds at the last min and said 2K!!). My opponents were two younger gamers, called Dan O'Conor and Kyle (I forgot his last name). Anyway, without further ado, let me proceed.....

The Battlefield
Pretty standard set-up, we each had a hill, most of one long table edge was taken up by the Citadel Modular gaming hill and there were woods roughly 12" in from each of the short edges, just outside the O&G deployment zone.

The Armies:
Player: Robert Tedders.
Race: The Empire (Men).
Army: The Watchmen of Helmgart Tower.
Points: 1499 pts

Fr. Rudolf Storr with h’ weapon, great weapon, the Armour of Meteoric Iron and the Icon of Magnus. 144 pts
Wizard Anita Blakenhof with h’ weapon, Lv. 2, Dispel scroll and the Sigil of Sigmar. 140 pts
Wizard Dirk Zerbrowski with h’ weapon, Lv. 2, a Crystal Ball and a Dispel scroll. 140 pts

Character(s) total: 424 pts

10 Crossbowmen. 80 pts

25 Spearmen with shields and full command. 170 pts
Detachment: 10 Archers. 80 pts
Detachment: 10 Free Company. 50 pts

25 Swordsmen with h’ weapons, l’ armour, shields and full command. 175 pts
Detachment: 10 Archers. 80 pts
Detachment: 10 Halberdiers with shields. 60 pts

10 Huntsmen with marksman. 105 pts

Core total: 800 pts

1 Mortar and 3 crew. 75 pts

Special total: 75 pts

20 Flagellants. 200 pts

Rare total: 200 pts
To this I added the following to make up the extra 500 pts:
* Captain BSB w' Griffon Standard
* 20 Greatswords w' Standard and Muso
- Det. of 10 Swordsmen
* 6 Pistoliers w' Musician

Their army:
* NG Big Boss General
* 2 x NG Shamans
* 10 Orcs w' full command
* 10 Black Orcs w' full command
* 2 x 20 NG with 3 Fanatics
* 2 x 20 NG archers
* 3 Stone Trolls
* 2 Spear Chukkas
* 1 Rock Lobber
* 10 FG Spider Riders
* NG Squig Herd (minimum size)

Opening Gambits - Turns 1 & 2
Turn 1 began very conservatively for both sides - however, my magic (my wizards had life and heavens) was a godsend(or should that be Sigmarsend - L.O.L!!?!!) and killed one crewman on a Spear Chukka and wounded the machine. This turn the Crossbowmen scored the first of two wounds on warmachines or crews when they killed a goblin on the Rock Lobber. The heavens wizard was mainly casting a magic missile, but I don't think it was forked lightning - unless that is spell no. 4? Also, my mortar got a hell of a lucky roll on scatter and landed right over the big spider rider mob. 4 dead - panic test - run off the table!!
Orcs first couple of turns were quite funny - all the units got to advance some and on turn 2 a Fanatic died trying to kill my Hunstmen - silly Kyle forgot that they're in terrain!! All the orc shooting wasn't really doing much, though I did lose 4 greatswords over the 2 turns.

Turns 3-4 - Let combat commence
My turn 3 began with my combat units all advancing, including the Flagellants charging 25 NG on my right flank. I lost the combat but of course they're unbreakable - should've seen Kyle's face when I refused to take a break test!! Still, his attitude was pretty poor, I.M.O - if I had to pick, I'd rather face Dan again!! My shooting this turn was pretty good, but I'd accidentally skipped my turn 3 magic phase. I managed to kill my second warmachine crewman, but unfortunately I forgot to pick the same spear chukka as last time - so I only killed 1 Goblin. Still, for BS3 @ long range that wasn't bad!! The mortar misfired this turn thankfuly did nothing - rolled a 6!! Turn 3 for the Orcs began well, but I managed to hold against the Trolls and 1 died. Yay for Ld 8 on fear tests!!
On Turn 4, I have good magic - kill half the Orc unit - but poor shooting - although I do take out 1 spear chukka. Neverhtheless, I broke the Trolls but fail to catch them. I then charge the warmachines in my Turn 4 and he elects to hold. Of course I kill the crew, therefore destroying the machines automatically - 165 pts in one fell swoop - and that's just for the warmachines - trolls were another 180!! I also killed the NG general who was hiding in a unit of archers - another 280 pts including the command on the archers and the general's death bonus!!

Turn 5 - Endgame
Due to Kyle and Dan having to leave early, this was the last turn. I held with almost everything - flagellants finally died and I charged in with teh Swordsmen against the Orc unit - won combat easily and captured their banner. At this juncture the game ended and we took stock.

While I was annoyed with Kyle's attitude, Dan helped make the game memorable - he was a sporting opponent who avoided RL behaviour and simply played things as they were.... With the final scores standing at 1598(including 2 quarters, 2 banners and his general) VS. 485, it was a solid victory for the men of the Empire!! Fr. Podolski would spend the night giving thanks in prayer to Sigmar!!

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Good report, maybe that'll teach people not to play squishy goblin armies and go for Orcs instead. Your opponents made some fairly basic mistakes, which you punished accordingly (releasing fanatics into terrain, not realizing flagellants are unbreakable). Plus their list wasn't the best. You did well seeing as you weren't prepared for a 2k game, and I think had it gone to turn 6 you might have tabled them.

I look forward to future reports,

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It just goes to show that playing for "enjoyment" is what Warhammer players should strive for. An immature opponent can make an hour long game seem like a punishing eternity....
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