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Long time no posts or videos, because of the new job that i started in August, but here we go!
The whole summer was about getting my list ready for the tournament this September, which was held at Mikkeli, in the old army compound again (last was at the springtime, and i was 3rd then).

There were few nerfs (no Gargantuans/Super heavies, some formations were banned etc...), but i took my pure Dark Eldar -list there, to see how they would do. The day one was PERFECT, i was leading the tournament! The second day and the two VERY hard lists wrecked my dreams and i got only three points from the 40 that was the maximum from the two games and that dropped me to 7th spot, and that sucked majorly...the dice were not with me on day two, but it´s a dice game after all :)...
Tyranids(!) won the tournament and it was still a blast. I faced IG (who finished 6th, with ONE point difference to me due to a very good day two), Mahrines, and Khorne Daemonkin on day one.

Those games went all pretty well, except the fact, that a Talos couldn´t wreck a AV10 vehicle with a S7 Hammer of wrath and four attacks...and that CC alone, cost me at least one place in the end results and some well needed points...
Day two...the dark, dark day...First, one of my sparring partners Eldar/Harlequins with Invisibility and Scatter Bikes and D-Scythes...yeah...glad that i got those 3 points at least, due to a last turn succesfull shooting attack tying me the Maelstrom...
The last game against 60 wolves with Azrael (or something) and three Wolf Lords (or something) and a FNP -dude all packed in to a fun ball of death...Zealot, FNP, 4+ dusted 6 x Talos + 9 x Grotesques+Archon+Haemonculous...yeah...well, they were corgeously painted models :), that´s always nice...

Here´s a recap, fare warning, it might contain cursing in two languages ;)

- Lost Vyper
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