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Hey All just wondering if their are any other Engrish fans out there, Here are a few of my Favs.

1. A dangerous toy. This toy is being made for the extreme priority of good looks. The little part that suffocates when the sharp part of which gets hurt is swallowed is contained generously. Only the person who can take responsibility by itself is to play.

( on a toy packet )

2. You could use they lavatory please

( on a toilet )

3. F*#king Summer

( the name of a clothes store )

4. In case, pizza is cold. please heat up in the toaster-oven

( on a pizza box )

5. Song of carrot game. Digging carrots, muddy & muddy washing them, cut & cut the soup boiling well, Hot & Hot we all favourite carrot game.

( on the....carrot game??? )

6. For restrooms, go back towards your behind

( at a train station )

7. no one really goes to the aqua bar for drinks, but we make sure our drinks won't kill you. this is somthing you must remember.

( at a bar )

8. Whenever and Everywhere, we can meet out best friend-nature. Take a grip of steering.

( a wheel cover on a Nissan 4wd )

9. Dick & Uprise

( name of a restaurant )

10. Shitseeing bus stop

( on a tourist map )

well hope you liked them, does anyone have any more?

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Yeah I've seen these too... There's also a bunch of other funny things that aren't japanese:

'Caution! Tree in centre of road!'
(Road sign in Congo)

'Trespassers will be shot! Survivors will be shot again!'
(Another sign in Congo)

'Dick Cleaners'
(A laundry somewhere)

And my favorite:

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"Would you like a drink? Choose one making you feel better"

or something like that. Was in Tom Greens subway monkey hour in Japan. Gr8, gr8 stuff.

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Be useful for saport your business, to make speed up find up out document, clear file for your special

( god knows )

The flowers in recollection sing a poem in sepia color. Time seems to return
to the turn of it's beautiful melody flow. Please listen to the dream a fresh heart
discloses. Please look at my fresh face. Please receive it just when you open
your heart. A bouquet to all of you over the world."

( I'm even more lost with this one )

"Our little friend "Tomte" use magical secret-power fro delicious BREAD that,
Well enjoy in next morning. Children who living in NORTHERN EUROPE
tell us secret that just baken BREAD. YES ..........TOMTE's secret.
HOKUO as. BREAD country SAPPORO is very similar with TOMTE's land."

( on a bread packet )

I have a smell of Panda droppings this one is very fragrant

( on a diary )
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